Product Spotlight: See What’s New in Wistia [October 2023]

We rounded up the latest Wist-yee-haw product updates for y’all!

October 30, 2023

Courtney Lefferts


It’s the end of October, which means it’s fall, y’all. And we just got back from an offsite in the great city of Austin, Texas. (The horses in the video thumbnail are making a lot more sense now, huh?) While we wish you could’ve been there with us, we’re excited to take you on a Texas-style journey to explore our latest product updates. Wist-yee-haw!

AI Chaptering

Navigating through a long video can sometimes feel like wandering through uncharted territory. But what if you could easily lasso the key moments and organize your video into neat chapters in no time? Well, saddle up because Wistia’s new artificial intelligence (AI) Chaptering feature is here to do just that.

This feature automatically rounds up specific points in your videos and breaks them into intuitive (and correctly labeled) chapters.

That’s right; now you can kick back and let AI do your chaptering for you. And if you find that you want to tweak that first pass, you can always customize your chapters after they’re generated.

Rounded player corners

In the world of branding your video content, every detail counts. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest update that allows you to give your videos a modern makeover: rounded player corners!

By adjusting the roundedness (yeah, that’s a word) of your video player’s corners, you can always make sure your videos seamlessly blend with your brand aesthetics.

Asynchronous upload tray

As you’re working on updating those rounded corners, why wait around like a scarecrow when you can multitask? With asynchronous uploads, you can upload videos and carry on with other actions in Wistia at the same time.

Now, in the upper right-hand side of your screen, you’ll see an upload tray with a progress bar and alerts. And the best part? You can navigate away from the upload page without losing a thing.

Enhanced embed analytics

Analytics have always been at the heart of understanding your video performance. That’s why we’ve expanded our embed analytics data. Yep, that’s right: You’re getting even more detailed, location-specific insights.

If you’re on our Pro, Advanced, or Premium plan, gear up for a deeper dive into granular analytics. Now you can visualize data with a stacked area chart that showcases total visits, plays, and time per embed location. Plus, you can customize your metrics and focus on specific insights.

Thank you to everyone who has given us the feedback to help us shape this feature. We’re super excited to keep working to bridge the gap between your data and actionable insights you can lean on to clearly see the return on investment (ROI) of your videos.

October may have brought us a season of change (and a whole lot of tacos), but we at Wistia are still working hard to hone our tools to perfection, all to make your video marketing journey the best it can be.

Thanks for riding along with us, partners. We’ll see you next month!

October 30, 2023

Courtney Lefferts


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