Boost Collaboration with Wistia's Time-Coded Comments

Time-coded commenting lets you give your team feedback exactly where you need it.

November 13, 2023

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Courtney Lefferts

Product Marketing

Creating business videos can be a tricky dance, especially if you have a whole team to wrangle. It can be all too easy to trip over each other as you’re dialing in your visuals, audio, and storytelling.

To cha-cha like the best of them (and nail your video while you’re at it), you need a way to give and receive feedback exactly where you need it. That’s why we’re super excited to introduce a new Wistia feature that lets you do just that: time-coded commenting.

Precision matters

Stakeholder feedback can be a little all over the place. You might get comments in Slack, over email, or in other platforms, and they can sound a little something like this:

“That one point where I make the announcement is too loud.”

“Could you make the ending a little snappier?”

“Love this part!”

While it’s great to get feedback, it can be pretty frustrating without any context. Wistia’s time-coded commenting feature clears up all that pesky ambiguity.

Clear and timely feedback

Team members can now pinpoint their feedback to the exact second, making the context instantly clear. No more guesswork or tedious scrolling and scrubbing through video timelines to find the right part!

All you have to do is upload your video to Wistia and then invite anyone on your team to leave comments.

One more perk? You can stay right where you are in your Wistia account to gather all the insights you need. Say goodbye to complicated workflows, juggling multiple platforms, paying for another platform just to collect comments, and the chaos of downloading and uploading. It’s all in Wistia now.

Streamline your process

In typical Wistia fashion, we’ve made this feature as easy as possible to use and fit into your workflow. You can now:

  • Access, view, and critique videos without switching platforms.
  • Easily track all your feedback and resolve comments so that all your “i”s are dotted and “t”s are crossed.
  • Get real-time email notifications when feedback rolls in so you can respond quickly.

The future of collaboration

To create compelling videos for your business, you’ve gotta nail collaboration. And our new time-coded commenting feature is just the start of a teamwork-filled future. We’ve got our eye on a whole lot more. So stay tuned for more ways to simplify your video collaboration process right in Wistia.

Time-coded commenting is now available on all Wistia plans from Free to Premium. Just log in to your Wistia account and open up any media to get started. Happy collaborating!

November 13, 2023

Topic tags

Courtney Lefferts

Product Marketing

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