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September 16, 2014

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Alyce Currier


Because Wistia is primarily a business video platform, people spend most of their time using our web app on desktop computers, and consequently, we’ve spent most of our time focusing on perfecting that experience.

Recently, though, we’re all spending more time on the go, and smartphone technology (from camera quality to availability of video-related apps) has improved to a point where mobile is more important than ever for video marketers!

Enter the new Wistia iPhone interface!

The iOS version of Wistia has always been functional, but we wanted to make it faster, better, and prettier, in addition to adding some new functionality.

Here are some cool things you can now do from your iPhone:

  • Browse your Wistia account more easily
  • Upload video directly from your phone
  • Share videos via text message or social media
  • Upload a video to a live playlist and see it immediately on your website
  • Collect raw footage in a project to collaborate with friends

As of September 23, the mobile interface is also compatible with Android devices! However, it’s not supported by the default “Internet” browser. We recommend accessing it via Chrome.

This is relatively new to the business video landscape, so we’re really excited to see what people do with it. Will you upload video on the go? Will you piece together video mock-ups on your phone to collect feedback from teammates? Will you post quick, casual videos to your website?

How will you use the new mobile Wistia? Let us know in the comments!

Alyce Currier


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