Wistia Product: New & Upcoming — WistiaFest 2016

Brendan Schwartz

Founder, CTO

Brendan Schwartz, Co-Founder of Wistia, excitedly shared how bringing power of video and marketing together in collaboration with HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot integrated nearly 3,000 companies' Wistia accounts with marketing automation systems. Here he highlights new and upcoming Wistia products that will help you use video across your organization, create amazing user experiences, and make business more human.

Schwartz introduced Wistia for Salesforce, which allows you to collect all emails from videos and find them directly in your Salesforce account. You can see entire viewing histories as well as identify what viewers found most interesting. Wistia makes it easy to include video in your emails sent from Salesforce. All data you collect helps build workflows, assign tasks, and build powerful reports about how video works for your sales process to drive better decisions.

In order to bring power of video to every corner of business, Wistia knows help from developers is needed. For developers, Wistia built a ton of Application Programming Interfaces and received feedback from them, showing people are integrating video deeply into their apps and products. Schwartz announced webhooks for Wistia so you’ll receive data and a real time feed of how people are watching your videos. WistiaKit let’s you easily add video into your native iOS applications with only a few lines of code, giving you the complete power of Wistia analytics. Wistia Uploader helps kill embed codes, and with the Wistia Chrome Extension, you’ll never touch an embed code.

As online video evolves, it’s not just about the video anymore. To improve and increase the power of video, Wistia made video customization simpler and added interactive elements to a more organized panel. Schwartz touches on new features like “required password” and “chaptering” for your videos.

Fundamentally, Wistia delivers video to your viewers. Wistia asked themselves how they can give your audience the best possible viewing experience and developed their brand new player codenamed Vulcan. Vulcan was designed to look great everywhere and keep focus on your content. This fully responsive player works seemlessly with screen readers, adds social sharing directly into the player, shows thumbnail previews, lets viewers control playback speed, delivers video using adaptive streaming, and much more.

Watch Schwartz’s presentation to hear every detail about Wistia’s new and upcoming products of 2016.

Brendan Schwartz

Founder, CTO

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