How Kovai Uses Wistia to Increase Engagement and Convert More Customers

Learn how this multi-product SaaS company used the power of video, analytics, and Wistia to increase their engagement by 60% and convert 30% more free trial users into paying customers.

Is your business losing your audience before you can convert them into customers? For Kovai, a multi-product SaaS company, video was the key to increasing their audience engagement and converting more folks into paid users on their site.

In 2011, Kovai’s founder, Saravana Kumar, was using Microsoft BizTalk Server when he noticed the server lacked monitoring capabilities. At the time, no one had built tools to monitor the BizTalk Server, so he developed the enterprise software company’s first product, BizTalk360, to help users work more efficiently with the server. Today, Kovai offers four software products — BizTalk360, Serverless360, Document360, and Churn360 — that help companies across the world operate more efficiently.

With each platform being super comprehensive and packed with features designed to streamline different processes for businesses, written content and static images alone won’t cut it. That’s why Kovai leans on product tutorial videos to help customers learn how to use their products and increase product adoption.

Kovai decided to start hosting their ever-growing library of over 1,000 videos on Wistia. And they use other tools within the platform to consistently develop a stronger video marketing strategy. With Wistia in their corner, Kovai saw their engagement shoot up by 60%. Plus, they managed to convert 30% more free trial users into paying customers.

Want to know how they did it? Let’s dig in and discover how they made the most of Wistia’s features!

Optimizing videos for engagement using Wistia Analytics

Looking at video analytics is super important for developing a stronger video marketing strategy over time. Kovai taps into the wealth of analytics Wistia offers to better understand their audience and create videos that resonate with them. Engagement graphs give an aggregated view of a video’s performance, and heatmaps show how individual viewers consume their content.

Compared with Google Analytics or YouTube Analytics, Wistia Analytics makes it simple for folks across Kovai’s team to understand what actions they should take next. Wistia Analytics provides much more detail than the data offered on YouTube, showing how your audience consumes and interacts with your videos.

Using engagement graphs to plan marketing campaigns and increase product feature adoption

Kovai’s product marketing team looks at engagement rates, or the percentage of a video a viewer watches, in Wistia Analytics. Engagement metrics help them identify which videos resonated with their audience the most to include in their marketing campaigns, such as newsletters, ads, product feature landing pages, etc.

Engagement rates also help its growth team understand which videos viewers find the most engaging so they can use those videos to increase product feature adoption.

“As part of our product marketing strategy in 2022, we produced eight new videos every quarter that provided a detailed walkthrough of newly released product features. We noticed that engagement analytics for our tutorial videos were high, and more customers were using our products as a result. So we continued this strategy and also promoted all of those videos via our newsletter, which resulted in a 20% uptick in traffic to our website.”
Saravana Kumar
Founder, Kovai

Using video heatmaps for more personalized outreach

Heatmaps in Wistia Analytics help Kovai’s sales and customer support teams see precisely where folks are most engaged and where they drop off, which helps inform outreach to prospects and customers and improve education and product training. Heatmaps also helps their team optimize the length of videos.

Kovai also looks at locations where traffic is coming from to optimize its content. Based on its findings, Kovai produces short content to target specific regions.

“Wistia Analytics empowers our team to optimize content duration and helps us understand demographic needs to tailor our content to be the most engaging for our audience.”
Saravana Kumar
Founder, Kovai

Using engagement graphs to host better webinars

Lastly, Kovai uses Wistia Analytics to assess its webinar performance and hone its strategy. When Kovai’s Head of Data Science, Selvaraaju Murugesan, started creating webinars for the company, he looked at video analytics and made improvements to increase engagement by 18% over time. Drop-off engagement helped identify low attention from their audience, helping them tweak presentation slides to ensure consistent engagement throughout webinars.

Capturing leads with Wistia’s email collector

Wistia’s email capture form, Turnstile, helps ensure Kovai doesn’t miss out on any leads from their on-demand webinar videos. Kovai sends recorded webinar links to registered participants who did not attend their webinars.

They also send recorded webinars to all their newsletter subscribers to share knowledge with their community.

And to generate new leads from folks who actively watch recorded webinars on their webinar event page, they enable Turnstile to capture email addresses after 12 minutes.

“We generate at least three leads from each on-demand webinar on our site using Turnstile. Thus, our webinar videos act as a lead generation channel.”
Selvaraaju Murugesan
Head of Data Science, Kovai

Converting free trial users into customers with Wistia’s video player

Using Wistia’s customizable video player, Kovai engages free trial users and encourages them to convert to paid customers. Kovai customizes their video player to match Document360’s brand color, matching brand guidelines and adding a quality touch that helps enhance brand trust.

A huge part of Kovai’s video marketing strategy is creating product tutorial videos for all its products, which helps customers learn how to use them and helps increase adoption. Tutorial videos pop up when customers open the product, and they’re embedded on Kovai’s site using Wistia at

“If we had embedded YouTube videos, we’re certain that our users would be tempted to watch all videos recommended by YouTube within our product! This would erode trust and take attention away from our product.”
Saravana Kumar
Founder, Kovai

The business has observed a 30% increase in conversions from free trial to paid customers if users watch at least three tutorial videos.

“Tutorial videos play a key role in helping new users understand product features better, which helps with customer retention and product stickiness. Our feature adoption of newly released features has increased by 35% after the introduction of Wistia videos embedded inside our knowledge base product, Document360.”
Saravana Kumar
Founder, Kovai

Harnessing the power of video with Wistia

Other companies with software products can look at Kovai as a prime example of how they can use the power of video across their business. With the help of Wistia, you can take your product tutorial videos, webinars, and more to the next level for better product adoption, marketing, and community engagement.