How Unbounce Uses Video to Delight Customers Every Step of their Journey

By using video for customer support and marketing, Unbounce has seen happier customers, higher ROI, and more leads and conversions throughout the buyer's journey.

Unbounce is known throughout the marketing world for its easy-to-use platform that makes it a cinch to build custom landing pages that are optimized to drive more conversions.

The Vancouver-based SaaS company uses video across their entire business, from creating recap videos for their highly popular Call To Action Conference, to [on-demand videos for their educational series The Landing Page Sessions. But their biggest use cases for video come from their customer support and marketing teams.

At the end of the day, video is impacting the metrics that matter most to them: happier customers, new leads, and more conversions.

Strengthening customer relationships

As Unbounce’s platform took off and the company experienced rapid growth, so did the volume of support inquiries they received. They were faced with how to scale their customer support, while at the same time keeping their Net Promoter Score (NPS) score high.

This is where video — and Wistia — came to the rescue. By taking advantage of personal interactions via video, the Unbounce team wanted to show, rather than tell, how people could use their platform more effectively. “Video allowed us to answer and guide people proactively through their support questions,” said Ryan Engley, VP of Customer Success at Unbounce.

When it comes to customer success, Ryan said it’s critical that customers are able to see ongoing value. “It’s easy to reinforce ways to use the Unbounce platform with video, which ultimately leads to better audience engagement,” he said. “It’s just so much easier and faster to show certain concepts.”

Not only that, but video has also enabled the customer support team at Unbounce to forge stronger customer relationships thanks to the human connection it builds. “Well-done videos do a much better job of engaging and conveying value to our customers,” Ryan said. And as video gear and production costs become increasingly less expensive, more and more people are seizing the opportunity to try their hand at it for the first time.

“It’s easy to reinforce ways to use the Unbounce platform with video, which ultimately leads to better audience engagement.”

Standing out competitively

According to Ryan, video is one of the best ways to set your business apart from the competition. After all, the last thing you want is to become just another online business that gets lost in the noise. “Our relationships with our customers are arguably our number 1 brand strength,” Ryan said. “Thanks to video, we’re improving those relationships by getting the Unbounce team in front of them.”

The company brought on a full-time videographer, Felix Cha, to help build on those interactions even more. But it was about more than just hiring someone who knew a lot about video — they wanted a video producer who would actively measure their videos' performance, then optimize based on their engagement.

“We get a ton of positive feedback about the videos we use for support and in our marketing, so qualitatively, we know that people really love it,” Ryan said. But the Unbounce team also depends on concrete data from Wistia metrics for the ultimate reassurance that their videos are effective.

Whether it’s heatmaps, engagement graphs, or Turnstile entries, Ryan and his team know exactly how successful each video is based on the data. “We’re all about CRO, so we don’t want to just throw time and money behind things that aren’t working,” he said.

Supercharging video with marketing automation

Unbounce relies on the Wistia-HubSpot integration not only to keep all of their contacts and data organized in one place, but also to nurture leads that engage with their video content.

This integration became especially vital for their annual Call To Action Conference, which is attended by hundreds of marketers from around the globe. Unbounce spends a hefty sum on shooting footage from the conference, so naturally they’re always looking for ways to see ROI from the amount of resources they put into those videos.

“We started using the integration as a way to keep in touch with people who’d missed out, and doing that through Wistia and HubSpot is really valuable for us,” said Stefanie Grieser, Unbounce’s Head of Global Markets, Partnerships and Events. By placing a Turnstile 5–10 seconds into each video, Stef and her team saw more people engaging with content. They could easily track those numbers using the integration, in addition to seeing other videos people had watched and content they had downloaded.

In total, Unbounce has collected thousands of leads thanks to Turnstile, which they then go on to nurture with relevant content as they move through the buyer’s journey. “Our conference is a big deal to us and takes a lot of work, so being able to reuse video content to reengage with conference attendees is super valuable,” Ryan said.

“In total, Unbounce has collected thousands of leads thanks to Turnstile, which they then go on to nurture with relevant content as they move through the buyer’s journey.”

Still, the road to video isn’t always an easy one. “Sometimes we can have too many cooks in the kitchen, and there have been moments when roles and responsibilities became unclear,” Ryan said.

But by establishing the purpose and projected value of each video ahead of time, the team at Unbounce has taken their video strategy and turned it into a data-driven science that’s winning them fans — and customers — around the world.

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