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February 28, 2011

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Chris Savage

Founder, CEO

Meet the Wistia Team and meet filmmaker Chris Lavigne.

Here at Wistia, we decided that it’s time you got to know us a little better. So we turned to our friend Chris Lavigne, a self-employed filmmaker, to help us make a “Meet the Team” video. Here’s how it turned out:

Yeah, we think Chris did a great job, too. So we decided to ask him a few questions about how he created this little masterpiece:

Amanda (Team Wistia): It seemed like it took you a very short time to make the video. How long did it actually take you? How were you able to make such a great video in such a short time?

Chris: I shot in the office for roughly 5 hours. Once I could get a visual read on the space and the team, the creativity started flowing and I seamlessly went from one shot to the next, finding and capturing the moments that would reflect what the wistia team is all about.

Amanda: What equipment did you use to make the Wistia video?

Chris: I shot the video using a Canon 5D Mark II. A variety of lenses were used, including the 35mm 1.4L, 85mm 1.2L, 24–70mm 2.8L, and the 16–35mm 2.8L. The dolly movements were achieved with the Kessler Cineslider.

Amanda: In your opinion, what elements go into a good “Meet the Team” video? In general, what elements to into a good short, professional video?

Chris: Once you get a feel for the space and meet the team members, for me it’s all about finding and capturing moments. I try to look past just the wide shots and get right in there. Find the details and the little nuances. In the case of Wistia, it was easy to capture the look and feel of the office. It’s hard to shoot a bad shot in that space with those people!

Amanda: Give us a little background on you.

Chris: Graduated in 2006 in television/radio video concentration from Ithaca College. Ithaca, and in particular my feature length documentary “Strongest Ever” that I produced my senior year, set my work ethic and allowed me to hone my filmmaking skills. Started working for myself right after graduating and word of mouth business has (fortunately) kept me busy ever since!

Amanda: How can other potential customers contact you?

Chris: Visit my website at or check out my portfolio on my Wistia page!

Chris Savage

Founder, CEO

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