5 New Ways to Use Video for Your Business

Dan Mills


You’re doing it! You’re making videos. You’re scaling support questions, teaching people about your product, and delighting your audience. Congrats! You’re a certified video nerd. But now what?

Just like any other creative endeavor, it’s easy to hit a plateau in your video making. You run out of new ideas and use cases and start feeling like there’s nothing left to jazz you up. Believe me when I tell you, we’ve been there.

If you’ve got writer’s (video producer’s) block, try making one of the following five videos, and let us know how it goes!

Webinar promotional videos

If you’re hosting a webinar, you should definitely think about promoting it with a video! We use video on almost all of our webinar registration pages, and we’ve received great qualitative feedback from attendees.

A short video can be a really simple way to generate buzz around your webinar. It also allows prospective attendees to “meet” the presenters. Here’s an example of one we made for a webinar with WordStream.

Pro tip: Include a clickable video thumbnail in the promotional emails for the webinar to drive more people to the landing page.

Email signature videos

If you’re on a sales or customer success team, adding a video to your email signature is an awesome way to further connect with your customers. When we made videos for our customer success coaches, we tried to come up with a concept that would scale well. Once we decided on a template, it was pretty easy to make these videos for their whole team!

Check out these stats! This video didn’t take too long to make, it was a ton of fun to shoot, and the customers who discovered it stayed engaged. Wins all around!

Content teasers for social

We make a lot of long-form content for our the Wistia Blog and Library, but simply dropping those videos on social media isn’t always the best practice. A really great way to promote your new video is to make an additional video designed specifically to generate buzz on social.

Consider using a creative approach that embraces silent autoplay, so that it will stand out in the newsfeed… or maybe it’s as simple as stringing together the most important moments from the longer video!

Here’s an example of a short video snack we made to promote our video all about shooting your laptop screen in the Library.

Product updates

No matter what type of product you’re peddling, there’s always interesting work going on behind the scenes. In our case, we want our customers to know that our platform is constantly being improved upon, even if there’s not a massive new feature launch to be writing about.

That’s why we include a link to our product update videos right where people log in to use Wistia.

Pro tip: Use engagement graphs and heatmaps to see if the information you are presenting to your customers is actually useful or interesting for them!

One-to-one customer delight videos

Something we’ve been experimenting with more often has been really simple, low production, video messages. Recently, a happy customer cancelled their Wistia account because they were no longer using video at their company.

In response, Holly made this video in about 2 minutes, using the Wistia webcam.

The most amazing part of the story is that the customer wrote back (even after cancelling) with positive feedback about Wistia – a product she will no longer be using! It’s that extra small effort that can create another enthusiastic promoter of your product.

Pro tip: From any project in Wistia, you can click on Project Actions, then select Record. Your webcam will immediately turn on and begin recording.

Dan Mills


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