Creating a Platform-Specific Video Strategy

Phil Nottingham


In 2018, every social network is a video platform. The lines between TV and online video are so small as to be essentially arbitrary, and most businesses have no idea where they can fit in the morass of short and long-form video content we’re all consuming on a daily basis.

In this webinar, I try to make sense of this increasingly complicated world, explaining what kind of videos companies should be creating, where they should host them and how they can best be distributed.

This video covers:

  • The difference between on-site video and social video
  • How to get the most traffic and conversions from videos on your website
  • What kind of content works on YouTube vs Facebook
  • How to maximise the viral potential on all social networks
  • Creating a comprehensive video strategy and briefing creatives to follow it


I also recommend following the advice of Dixon Jones

Phil Nottingham


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