Make Video Marketing Easier With the New Wistia Media Bridge Integration for HubSpot

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With 15 years of experience in the B2B video hosting space, you could say we’ve learned a thing or two about the experiences marketers want to build for their audiences. One thing that’s become clear to us is that teams need more than just a hosting platform to unlock the potential of their videos and podcasts — a lot more. We’ve worked hard to become a preferred platform for marketers, helping them streamline their work to see bigger results from their content.

And while we’re super proud that our player is the most accessible and powerful, we know that we’re not the only tool teams need to be successful with videos and podcasts. It’s important that we connect with the tools you’re already using so you can work faster and more efficiently to see more from the content you work hard to create.

That’s why we’re super excited to announce the Wistia Media Bridge integration with HubSpot. From now on, our users can access their Wistia library right within HubSpot — making it easy to find and share media at scale.

Thanks to the integration, you don’t have to hunt down media IDs to embed videos and podcasts into your marketing assets. You can simply search, select, and embed media right into HubSpot emails and landing pages. Sounds simple, huh? We think this integration is a game-changer for marketing teams that move quickly. Heck, it might even help you cut down on the million tabs you have open. Just us? Anyway, let’s dive into how this integration can help your team.

How can the Wistia Media Bridge integration with HubSpot help marketing teams?

Now, right from HubSpot, you can browse your entire Wistia library to embed media. Yep, the integration is seamless and makes it so you don’t have to switch back-and-forth between the two platforms.

This deeper integration allows marketers to:

  • Combine Wistia engagement data with HubSpot workflows and list segmentation
  • Qualify and score leads based on video views and podcast listens
  • Easily add Wistia videos to HubSpot emails and pages to improve conversion rates

This new integration lets you go beyond what you’re used to — all from the same place. So, now when you’re in HubSpot looking at video and podcast engagement, qualifying leads, and creating workflows, you don’t have to leave to insert your Wistia media. You can keep on keeping on right from your same workflow.

“Now, users can search their entire Wistia library right from HubSpot. Everything can be done in one place with just a few clicks.”
Jean Merlain
Marketing Operations Manager, Wistia

Six Ways to use HubSpot and Wistia with Media Bridge

Now that we’ve gone over why the new integration makes it easier for your team, let’s take a look at some more specific use cases:

1. Embed videos or podcasts into emails or HubSpot pages

Multimedia content performs better from an engagement and conversion perspective. And with video being the #1 media format marketers are creating in 2021, video is the future of content campaigns. With the ability to add a video or a podcast to any email or landing page, you can engage your audience with different types of media.

2. Gather leads from users watching product videos

Turn passive viewers into leads with forms that feed right into HubSpot. Whether you gate your videos with a Turnstile, or add a CTA at the end, you can make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to guide your audience to take action.

3. Use lead scoring to segment prospects based on video engagement

Have sales videos or demos? We thought you might. With the integration, you can track just how much of a video a viewer has viewed. If the person has watched a certain percentage, your team will know they’re a qualified prospect. With all this engagement data, it gets a lot easier to score and segment leads.

4. Create CRM timeline events that show when prospects or customers have engaged with videos, audio, and other media types

To help out your sales team, create triggered events in HubSpot when a prospect views a video, engage with audio, or other media types. That way, one of your teammates can connect with them when the content is fresh in their mind.

5. Build lists that can be used to create targeted, personalized experiences

Have some super fans who just can’t get enough of your videos or podcasts? Use engagement data to create segments to tailor the content you send to those folks. That way, you can tap into your niche and keep the engagement rolling.

6. Get insight into how contacts and companies engage with media and measure ROI

With Wistia and HubSpot’s analytics tools, you can tie your media directly to sales, proving the value of your content. Proving podcast and video ROI? Yep, it’s possible. We make it easy to use reports to discover which content is most effective for attracting new customers and make more of it.

“The integration makes it easier for customers to easily embed any asset from their Wistia library into their HubSpot email or CMS. With videos and audio clips added to email campaigns, we expect to see even higher engagement rates across the board. We’re excited for our users to experiment with the integration and see a positive impact on their marketing efforts.”
Jean Merlain
Marketing Operations Manager, Wistia

How to get the Wistia Media Bridge integration with HubSpot

You know what they say: Two marketing platforms are better than one. Someone says that, right? For now, this integration is only available to Wistia Advance Plan users.

Not on Advanced? Get in touch to learn more about our most advanced features.

Anyway, all you need to do is follow three simple steps and you’ll be on your way to using videos and podcasts to make marketing magic.

  1. Browse and select the Wistia app through HubSpot’s App Marketplace.
  2. Follow the prompts to install the app, and the Media Bridge module will be automatically available on your portal. Boom.
  3. Use the integration to easily embed video files, score prospects based on video views, and segment your audience.

That’s it! Ready to make videos and podcasts a bigger part of your marketing strategy? Check out the Wistia Integration with HubSpot.

Jean Merlain


Taylor Corrado


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