February 1, 2017

February Product Update: Wistia for Chrome, Retina Thumbnails, and the New Drip Integration

Thad Peterson


Buckle your seat belts, because our first 2017 product update is greased lightning.

## Wistia for Chrome: Gmail integration If you use Gmail, now it’s easier than ever to share video thumbnails in your email conversations. We discovered that some of you were using some crazy workarounds to jazz up your emails with Wistia videos (and we were pretty impressed). With our new extension, however, you can ditch those extra steps and set up gorgeous emails with ease. Three cheers for better emails! You can install the Wistia for Chrome extension right now, and try it out for yourself. ## Tiny Vulcan It’s a Tiny Vulcan, and it’s in your pocket! Before this latest update (now in beta), watching a Wistia video on your mobile device brought up the phone’s native player. Now, when your viewers press play, the video will play inline on the page. Unlike before, the player’s controls and all the timeline actions that you’ve added to the video will work. Please note that this is still a beta feature, so we’ll be continually making improvements. We’d greatly appreciate any feedback you have, so feel free to shoot us an email at beta@wistia.com. You can turn on this feature by navigating to Beta Features in Account Settings and selecting “Tiny Vulcan (inline playback on mobile).” This will affect all of your current and future embeds when they’re viewed on iOS 10 (iPhone) and Chrome 54+ (Android). ## More playback speeds Ask and you shall receive. We’ve heard your requests for a few more playback speeds, and now you’ve got them. With 1.25x and 1.75x, you can find the video speed that’s just right for you. Take a gander at this video of Chris’ talk from last year’s WistiaFest. Which speed do you prefer? .5x is a real crowd-pleaser in our office.

Retina thumbnails

Using a video thumbnail in your email can increase your click-through rate by more than 20%.That’s why we decided to make Wistia thumbnails even sleeker.

We’ve updated our video thumbnail merge tags to include high resolution images that stand out on every device. Go ahead and try one on for size. We’re pretty sure you’ll say something like, “Woah, that’s sharper than Bobby’s new haircut.”

Drip + Wistia integration

We’ve added another platform to the long list of tools Wistia plays nice with — Drip. You can integrate Drip’s email marketing platform with Wistia’s Turnstile to start passing your video leads directly into campaigns and workflows. Here’s some help from Drip on how to get things up and running.

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