Introducing Soapbox for Teams

We are super excited to announce the launch of Soapbox for Teams — a product designed to bring the power of video to sales teams.

September 5, 2018

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We’re saying goodbye to Soapbox on 9/1, but you can still [record video] ( with Wistia.

Why the future of sales is video

Video, when done well, is the ultimate tool for building trust at scale because it’s the closest thing possible to an in-person interaction.

Here at Wistia, we’re extremely proud to have built a trusted brand. We’ve done this in part by being open and honest, and by actively seeking a two-way conversation with our customers. But perhaps more so, we’ve achieved it by marketing and celebrating the fantastic people who work here, using video.

Since we started building out a sales team in early 2016, we’ve tried to bring the spirit of that same approach - people first, through video - to everything we’ve done with sales.

This helped us market our own sales team.

And in order to bring the personalities of our sales team to their interactions with prospects, we started creating quick talking-head videos to accompany outreach emails.

Customers responded really well to seeing a friendly face like Katie’s, and emails like this stood out in their inbox as different and compelling.

But, while these videos were helping our sales emails be more human-centered, they weren’t helping us build genuine relationships. To achieve this, we needed to create videos that would demonstrate our understanding of each potential customer, and convince them of our ability to provide value. With talking-head videos, the medium is the message, but video’s true value is in showing, not just telling.

As a company with a focus on long-term thinking, we knew we had to think beyond the gimmick and unlock the true potential of video in sales.

Building an app that engenders trust

In the past, the greatest sales successes we’d seen came from situations where our team traveled to a lead’s office to meet in person. Those live pitches were successful because, in addition to flair and panache, our team was able to provide context via interaction with slides and the product itself.

Classic webcam recordings don’t empower the presenter to provide the level of focus and detail offered by a good pitch, and simple screencasts are rather expressionless because the narrator becomes a disembodied voice.

Thus was born the insight that led to the creation of Soapbox. We wanted to bring the spirit of connecting in-person to a recorded medium, which is why Soapbox is the first and only video recording application with multi-stream functionality.

With Soapbox, you can provide all the detail and context offered by a slide-deck or live demo, as well as the charm and authenticity that comes across during an in-person presentation-and genuinely build trust in your product or service.

“Over the last year, our 10-person sales team has used Soapbox to record and share 3,798 videos, which contributed substantially to 40% year over year revenue growth.”

This application has empowered our team to put their ideas and personalities front and center. Soapbox acts as a time and location hacking device, enabling our team to head to a prospect’s office and deliver a pitch at any given hour.

We built Soapbox for Teams with them in mind, and now we’re releasing it to you.

Soapbox for Teams: Build Trust, Close Deals

When you position your team as a resource through video, you establish a reputation that outlasts any individual rep, while crafting a brand identity that helps your company stand out against the strongest competition.

That’s why Soapbox for Teams comes packed with features that help your team put their best selves on camera.

Tell a story with transitions

What makes Soapbox so unique is its dual-stream recording capability. Wide-shots of your face help make a human connection, full-screen sharing provides context and detail, and the split-screen view strikes a balance between both.

After you’ve recorded, you can trim the start and end of your video, then cut between the different views to guide your audience through a story which demonstrates to them the value of your product or service.

Save time with a simple and fast workflow

It only takes a few minutes to create, edit, and share a professional looking video from your desk. Once you’re happy with how it’s looking, you can add a custom thumbnail and call to action, then incorporate the video into whatever CRM or email client you’re using.

Strengthen your brand with custom sharing pages

Put your brand front and center so that even prospects who don’t convert come away with a positive impression. Every video is accompanied by the creator’s name and title, a profile photo, and your company logo within a color scheme set at the team level.

Get a bird’s eye view of the numbers

See what everyone is creating and which videos are contributing most to the bottom line. Review your engagement and conversion rates, then coach your teams to create better videos and build workflows that promote transparency and productivity.

Schedule meetings with calendar CTAs

Make your videos work harder for you with the click of a button. Soapbox integrates with HubSpot Meetings so your prospects can book a call directly from your video, moving you one step closing to closing that deal.

Choose a plan that’s right for you

Want to try before you buy? No problem. You can create and share unlimited videos with our free plan, and then upgrade to Soapbox for Teams whenever you’re ready to bring the rest of your team on-board. If you’re a team of one but still want all the fancy features that come with the Soapbox for Teams plan, then the Soapbox Solo plan is perfect for you.

And, if you’re really looking to get ahead of the pack … 

September 5, 2018

Topic tags

Phil Nottingham


Jonah Silberg


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