Product Spotlight: See What’s New in Wistia [September 2023]

Get ready for our latest batch of Wistia product enhancements!

September 28, 2023

Elise Beck

Product Marketing

This month’s update is chock-full of valuable additions, including text-based editing, an AI-powered script generator, and a whole lot more. So pour yourself a cup of ‘chaider’ (the delightful fusion of apple cider and chai tea) and cozy up for a recap of everything we’ve released this September.

Text-based editing

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your transcript into your editing sidekick, you’re in luck! Text-based editing lets you click into your transcript to isolate and scrub out the “uhs,” “ums,” and other unwanted parts of your video. You can highlight entire sections for deletion or search for keywords to find the exact parts you want to cut out.

When you’re using text-based editing, you’ll have access to all the editing features you’re used to. Quickly delete content using keyboard shortcuts, seamlessly divide paragraphs in the transcript, and easily undo and redo your edits whenever you need to. Editing your videos has gotten a whole lot easier!

Intro (and outro) music

Looking for some musical flair? Now you can easily add intro and outro music to your videos. Simply hit the “+” button on the timeline toolbar, select “Add background music,” and head to the “Intro & Outro” tab to choose from a variety of royalty-free Wistia-created tracks. No audio editing skills required.

AI-powered script generator

Have you ever found yourself facing writer’s block when you need to whip up a video script? Well, say goodbye to that because with our brand-new AI-powered script generator, crafting the perfect script is just a few clicks away. Simply provide some details, choose your desired tone, and tell us where your video will be shared. Our AI will then work its magic. The best part? The script generator is now available on all plans and you can use it whenever you record a video in Wistia. Check it out!

Time-coded comments

Looking to make feedback and collaboration a breeze? Just give Wistia’s new team commenting feature a try! With it, you can easily leave or receive time-coded comments on your videos (without needing a Wistia login). Just share your media page with your team or clients, and they can drop their feedback right on the timeline. With a handy icon on the timeline representing each comment — along with email notifications — staying in the loop is a breeze.

Dynamic video thumbnails

Gone are the days of being confined to static images or your current video for thumbnails. Now you have the freedom to use any video from your content library as a thumbnail. Here’s how it works: Navigate to your media, select Customize -> Thumbnail, and choose any video from your library. Then find the specific clip you’d like to use as your thumbnail. Keep in mind that since it’s a thumbnail, there won’t be any audio. So be sure to choose a visually enticing clip to encourage viewers to hit play.

Aim for video thumbnails under 10 seconds for the best results.

Simplified sharing and embedding

We’ve revamped the way you share and embed videos. Now, when you’re on a video’s page, just look for the share button right above the video — that’s where the magic happens. From there, you can quickly share the video link or post it natively to social media. If you’re into embedding, just head to the side menu and select “Embed.” You’ll find all your embedding options with handy previews and explanations to help you pick the perfect embed.

In-depth traffic analytics

Discover the power of Traffic Analytics, your ticket to understanding your audience’s origins! You’ll gain valuable insights into Referral and Viewing Device analytics, and you’ll get automatic tracking of Visits, Plays, and Engagement tied to your UTM parameters (campaign, source, and medium). Simply head to the Analytics page of any of your videos and dive into Traffic Analytics.

A new home base

When you log in to your Wistia account, you’ll notice a new home base. It’s your go-to spot for a streamlined overview of all the video action. Now you can effortlessly pick up where you left off, keep your finger on the pulse of video performance, and discover hidden gems with our feature suggestions.

Revamped support experience

We’ve given our support experience a complete makeover to ensure you have everything you need for a smooth journey with Wistia. Look to the bottom left corner of your screen, and you’ll spot a shiny new support button. It’s your gateway to easily browse our extensive help articles or quickly log a support ticket. Whenever you need a hand, just give it a click, and our friendly support team will be right there to assist you.

That’s a wrap on September! We can’t wait to see how these updates transform your video experience. As always, our mission is to make your video journey as delightful as possible, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Stay tuned because we’ll be back with more tricks and treats next month!

September 28, 2023

Elise Beck

Product Marketing

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