The Wistia-HubSpot Integration Just Got a Major Update

June 26, 2017

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Naike Romain


Since we introduced our integration with HubSpot back in 2015, we’ve been encouraging everyone to put their video content and data to use within their marketing automation tools. We’ve seen how powerful video and marketing automation can be, and that’s why we’re excited to announce that our integration with HubSpot just got even better (and more accessible).

We want everyone, even smaller businesses, to fully incorporate video into their marketing strategy. But up until now, people on HubSpot’s Pro and Basic plans couldn’t access some of the integration’s functionality — like advanced segmentation and lead scoring based on video engagement.

With our recent update, completely rebuilt on HubSpot’s new Timeline API, users on all plans have access to everything Enterprise users have been enjoying. We’ve also added some new features and improvements that will help you get more out of the integration. It’s time to put your videos to work!

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Native forms in your videos

With our HubSpot integration, you’ve always been able to pass your Turnstile leads directly into HubSpot, but we heard that some users felt limited by the fields available. Now you can add native HubSpot forms into your videos to generate leads with the exact fields you need. Try creating video-specific forms for videos used at different stages of the funnel or qualifying existing leads with a new form. It’s a form fiesta, and everybody’s invited.

“Now you can add native HubSpot forms to your videos to capture new leads or collect new information from existing leads.”

Streamlined timeline events

We’re happy to report that you’ll no longer have to sift through each of the video events to understand your leads’ viewing activity. HubSpot’s new Timeline API made it easy for us to simplify video-related timeline events, so it’s easier to see the videos your leads have watched and how much of each one they’ve seen.

Instead of passing each video-related event (e.g. 75% viewed) into a contact record, all instances are aggregated into one event that tells you the total amount of a video someone has watched. To provide more context as you’re learning about a lead’s activity, we’ve added a link to see the video thumbnail and the viewer’s heatmap, without having to log into Wistia.

Advanced segmentation

For HubSpot Basic and Pro users, segmentation based on the percentage of a video watched used to be out of reach. With the update, however, there is much more flexibility to use video engagement as criteria for lead scoring, list segmentation, or workflow enrollment.

For instance, you can now segment by engagement with a single video or with multiple videos that have the same word in the video title. You can also segment by engagement with any video viewed up to a certain percentage. This means you can choose the best workflow or list for your leads, because you can incorporate video interactions, not just page views.

As marketers, we know that proving ROI is really important. Luckily, there will be no question about video’s value when you’re able to track exactly how many leads video brings into your funnel. To put it simply, this integration is the best way to get an understanding of video’s impact on your marketing goals. It’s also the best way to boost your results!

“There will be no question about video’s value when you’re able to track exactly how many leads video brings into your funnel.”

On your mark. Get set. Go!

If you’re an existing HubSpot Enterprise, Pro, or Basic customer and already have the integration, you can take advantage of the new features today by updating your account on the Integrations Page. If you’re new to all this stuff, don’t fret. This guide to Using Video and Marketing Automation will get you up to speed in no time.

June 26, 2017

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Naike Romain


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