A Lead Gen Fairytale: Native Marketo Forms in Wistia Videos

Naike Romain


We’re so excited to announce the addition of native Marketo forms to our Wistia-Marketo Integration. Not sure what those words mean? Don’t sweat it. Jonah and Emily will tell you all about the integration in this video.

Try the integration

To celebrate this update to our integration, we decided to share a story about the magic that happens when you incorporate video data into your marketing strategy.

Once upon a website … 

This is Margot.

After a minute or two of perusing your site, Margot comes across something interesting — it’s your product video! And since your video content is hosted on Wistia, your video looks real slick. The player color matches your brand, and your video loads lightning fast.

That’s when something special happens.

Margot becomes a lead

A native Marketo form appears mid-roll to capture Margot’s contact information, along with some custom information you need to qualify your leads. When she converts on your form, Margot is able to continue watching the video and even click on an ending CTA to learn more about your product.

“A native Marketo form appears mid-roll to capture Margot’s contact information along with some custom information.”

Now you have a brand new lead in your Marketo account, complete with all of the information that Margot entered into your form. Plus, in her activity log, you’ll see how much of the video she watched and which CTA she clicked.

Cue the automation

As a savvy marketer, you’re ready for her arrival. The Marketo tracking recognizes that she has visited some high-value pages and converted on a video form. The lead scoring criteria you already set up boosts her lead score based on the video view. You’ve also indicated that a view of this video is an Interesting Moment and proactively sent an alert to your sales team that a hot lead is ready for a call.

Your Smart Lists scoop Margot up and add her into your drip campaign for qualified leads. Your automated follow-up email even contains a Wistia video thumbnail to encourage her to check out related videos that will help her to understand your business better.

And Margot lives happily ever after (with your product)

After a few more interactions with your company, Margot makes her decision. She’s learned enough about you from the steady stream of relevant, educational content that you’ve been able to share, and she’s ready to buy!

With the Wistia-Marketo Integration, you turned an anonymous site visitor into an engaged, identified lead that you could nurture with relevant content. By using the new native forms feature, you can generate leads from your videos and learn more about who they are or what they’re looking for.

“With the Wistia-Marketo Integration, you turned an anonymous site visitor into an engaged, identified lead.”

Existing Marketo data integration users can get access to the new native forms by heading over to the integrations page in their account. Everyone else can get started today with a test drive!

Naike Romain


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