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May 8, 2017

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Naike Romain


Your company’s support team is the first touch for customers with questions or concerns. The better your team is equipped to respond to customers’ issues, the more effectively they’ll be able to craft accurate, delightful replies.

Using video in support decreases ticket resolution time, increases customer satisfaction, and shows your customers that you’re real people, committed to solving their problems.

Wistia for Zendesk is one of the first Zendesk apps to live in the ticket editor window. With the click of a button, support reps can access their Wistia videos and add them to responses. This integration is available to Wistia and Zendesk users on all plans. We’re excited for everyone to start making support more human with video!

Set up in a snap

No one wants to be slowed down by having to create individual credentials for each member of their support team. As a Zendesk administrator, you can control whether you want your team to have access to your entire video library or only specific projects. Once you’ve made your selections, all reps will see the Wistia icon in their ticket editor windows, and they’ll have shiny video collections at their disposal. No new logins or permissions required! For more information on this process, head over to our Help Center.

Select an existing video or upload something new

Your support team can select pre-existing videos to use in their tickets or create new custom videos for specific customers and upload them to Wistia on the fly. To make sure that you’re selecting the right video, you can scrub through each frame using the preview pane. Add the video you’ve chosen to the ticket, and resize the ticket within the editor window. Make everything look and feel just right for the person on the other end.

Track viewers’ engagement and use custom URLs

Our video thumbnails also come with viewer tracking and detailed analytics. We use an email merge tag in the link to identify your viewer by their email address and sync their viewing data with Wistia stats. This provides your support team with information on how customers are engaging with your videos.

If your support reps are sending out videos that are already embedded on your website — like in your help docs or product pages — you can update the video’s URL to point to a page that will provide your customer with additional context.

Measure your success

For support managers, it’s important to be able to prove that video is helping your team succeed. To help keep track of how video responses perform, we automatically tag each ticket when a video thumbnail is included. That way you can measure the satisfaction ratings and resolution times to see if video is making a difference.

We’re confident that you’ll be able to see the effects of adopting video in your support well before you run your first report. Using video can help your team simplify complex concepts or just put a smiling face to the name behind a message that’s gone back and forth a few times. Your customers will appreciate the extra effort and feel that much more connected to your brand. So what are you waiting for? Get started with Wistia for Zendesk today!

We teamed up with Zendesk to create a whole guide on making and using video for support. Learn some actionable tips, and start building stronger connections with your customers today!

Naike Romain


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