Wistia + Hootsuite: Social Media Video Sharing Simplified

The social media and video platforms are coming together!

September 19, 2023

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Jean Merlain


Who, who? Hootsuite, that’s who. Your social media management dreams are about to come true because Wistia is now integrated with Hootsuite! This integration makes scheduling, distributing, and publishing videos on social media easier than ever before.

What is Hootsuite, you ask? Hootsuite is a social media management platform that helps you plan, schedule, monitor, and manage all your social media posts in one place.

Posting videos on social media is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, and the Wistia + Hootsuite integration streamlines the process across different social media channels.

Let’s break down why connecting these two platforms is a smart move and how you can make it happen.

Why bring Wistia and Hootsuite together?

Integrating your Wistia and Hootsuite accounts means you no longer have to deal with the headache of downloading videos from Wistia and then uploading them to all your social media platforms. Instead, just open your Wistia media library, attach a video to your social media post, and hit publish — all from within Hootsuite!

This new workflow cements Wistia as the source of truth for video for your team. No more juggling different versions of the same video! And this integration frees up a lot of time for your social media team. All it takes is a click to share a Wistia video on social media.

What’s more, it’s easier than ever to get more mileage out of your videos. Just open a long-form video (like a webinar recording) in Wistia’s editor, cut key moments into snippets, and then instantly share them on social via Hootsuite.

Now let’s get to setting up the integration!

The Hootsuite integration is available on all Wistia plans . You’ll need to be an Account Owner or Manager in Wistia to access it. On the Hootsuite side, you’ll need to be on the Professional plan or higher.

How to integrate Wistia and Hootsuite

We put together a detailed Hootsuite integration setup guide to walk you through the process. If you’re just looking for a quick overview, we’ve got you covered, too:

To connect your Wistia and Hootsuite accounts:

  1. Open your Hootsuite dashboard.
  2. Find the Profile icon at the bottom left.
  3. Select “Install Hootsuite apps.”
  4. In the Hootsuite App Directory, use the search bar at the top right corner to find Wistia in “All Apps.”
  5. Hit the “Install” button.
  6. Once it’s installed, Wistia should appear under “Content Sources” on the left-hand side of your Planner’s Content tab. Select it and then log in to your Wistia account.
  7. Authorize the integration between your accounts.

How to post a Wistia video on social media with Hootsuite

Now that you’ve got the integration up and running, you can easily access your Wistia content library right from your Hootsuite Planner. Just open the Content Sources tab to look through your Projects and Channels or search for specific content.

To share a video from the all-content view:

  1. Select “Compose post” on the video you want to post.
  2. Select “Attach video to post” to share the video natively or “Share video link” to direct your audience to the Wistia media page.
  3. From the “New Post” view, use the “Publish to” dropdown menu to choose from any of your connected social media accounts.
  4. Add a caption to the Content block (and your choice of emojis, hashtags, and @s). Your video will appear in the post natively or as a link in the content block.
  5. Either schedule your post for later or post now.

Once your video is shared, a confirmation will pop up at the top of your page, and you’re good to go!

Develop a multi-channel social media strategy with video

Not sure if the new Wistia + Hootsuite integration is right for your social media strategy? Check out these use cases that might click with your team:

Seamlessly post videos to multiple platforms

If you manage multiple social media accounts, Hootsuite makes it easy to post the videos you want to the right channels.

Simplify your video asset management

Make your Wistia video library the source of truth to pull from and give your social team one-touch access to video content in Hootsuite.

Repurpose and remix video content for your social audience

Create and record webinars within Wistia (or upload long-form videos to Wistia), edit key moments into engaging clips, and send them to Hootsuite without having to download and upload them to individual social media accounts. Talk about a streamlined workflow for your long-form videos!

Empower your social media team

If your social media team is already using Hootsuite (or considering it), this integration is a game-changer for sharing videos on social. You’ll not only establish Wistia as the source of truth for all things video but also enjoy the simplicity of finding and posting the right videos directly within Hootsuite.

Learn more about the integration and start sharing your videos on social!

September 19, 2023

Topic tags

Jean Merlain


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