Meet the GoPro: A Whole New Perspective

Chris Lavigne


Through the lens of a GoPro, you can see your business from a whole new perspective.

These small cameras offer an awesome (and easy) way to capture company culture, but they also can be great for showing off a physical product or your service. We’ve found all sorts of businesses that have discovered interesting uses for GoPro cameras, and we’re excited to keep exploring with our own GoPro at Wistia!

The GoPro has revolutionized not only the world of extreme sports, but also the way humans think about video. The GoPro enables perspectives that were never before able to be captured. Its simplicity and size are perfect demonstrations of technology adapting to seamlessly integrate with everyday life.

Each day this week, we’ll be releasing a new video that shares some GoPro pointers and hopefully inspires you to bring a GoPro to your office.

    Meet the GoPro

    We love the different perspectives we can get of our office thanks to the GoPro’s wide lens and easy mounting options.

    On a basic level, how does the GoPro work?

    At Wistia, we’ve had a bunch of different GoPro models over the years. We recently picked up the Hero 4 Silver. This particular model offers a bunch of different resolutions and frame rates, but the built-in LCD screen was what really won us over.

    If you own a GoPro, you should definitely consider picking up both the waterproof case and the frame.

    The frame is essential for shooting in controlled, non-extreme-sports environments. It lets you take advantage of all of the GoPro mounting solutions without having to shoot through the plastic waterproof case. This results in cleaner image quality and better sound.

    Use the waterproof case if you’re putting your GoPro in a precarious situation: mounted high above the ground, in a place where it might get wet, etc. While this case is made for shooting underwater, it also increases the camera’s overall durability.

    Extreme business videos

    Ok, so maybe the word “extreme” is a bit extreme, but we think that tons of businesses can make effective use of a GoPro.

    If you have a physical product, consider showing off your manufacturing process, supplementing your user manual with a how-to video, or showing your product in use, even in the harshest of conditions. If you’re in the service industry, capture video of your work in the field: think dog walking, painting, even construction. Mount the GoPro in an unusual place to capture a unique angle. If you’re a website or a software company, use a GoPro to share company culture, capture team outings, or recap a conference experience.

    #GoProWeek at Wistia

    We’ll be releasing a new GoPro tip video each day this week at 10 am EST! In the meantime, share your GoPro videos in the Community!

Chris Lavigne


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