Mount That GoPro Up

Chris Lavigne


We decided to pay homage to some of our favorite GoPro mounts with our favorite medium: a music video.

The GoPro’s biggest advantage is its size. It’s so light and tiny that you can mount it just about anywhere with minimal setup. Here’s a quick guide to the mounts that you just saw:

Tripod adaptor

Lets you affix your GoPro in its case to a tripod. This makes for a rock solid shot. Great for timelapses!


Great for quickly setting up a shot in a tight or hard-to-reach area. Gives you decent flexibility (pun intended) to tweak and frame your shot.

Chest mount

Awesome for first-person perspective. This mount enables a point-of-view that you simply cannot get with any other camera.

Adhesive mount

These mounts are inexpensive and surprisingly strong! So experiment with places to stick your GoPro and get creative!

3-way pole mount

The pole is great for selfies. The grip helps to stabilize handheld footage. And hiding in the handle is a built-in tripod!

This week, Wistia is saluting the GoPro. If you’re just tuning in, start from the top.

Chris Lavigne


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