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Impulse Creative

Driving Video Impact and Agency Growth with the Wistia + HubSpot Integration

Find out how Impulse Creative uses the Wistia + HubSpot marketing integration to put its videos to work for its business.

Impulse Creative is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner and revenue operations machine helping people grow their businesses with operations-based strategies for marketing, sales, and customer success.

George Thomas is Impulse Creative’s Inbound Evangelist, and we spoke with him to learn about how the Wistia + HubSpot marketing integration solved Impulse Creative’s video needs in more ways than one.

The Problem

Impulse Creative manages a large portfolio of video assets across internal marketing efforts and client accounts. The team was looking for a video solution that would provide a great user experience, as well as an easy way to organize and manage all of its video content. The business also wanted to optimize lead generation and the ability to measure video impact.

“All of these were under the umbrella of having to measure everything. So we needed to have analytics when it comes to: What are people watching? When are they dropping off? How can we edit this video so we get more watch time?”

The Solution

Wistia integrated seamlessly with Impulse Creative’s existing tech stack. The Wistia + HubSpot integration made it possible for Impulse Creative to understand important video data like the percentage of video watched and amount of videos watched. The best part? Impulse Creative could see this data right inside of HubSpot.

This data informed various actions based on viewer behavior for both marketing and sales. For marketing, Impulse Creative set up email nurture campaigns and workflows based on the percentage of video watched and the amount of videos watched. On the other hand, Wistia heatmaps helped sales see where folks engaged or didn’t engage with a video to steer conversations in the right direction and drive more conversions.

“The biggest thing for us is being able to understand the percentage of the video watched. It’s amazing to me that other platforms haven’t given us the data inside of HubSpot, even HubSpot themselves…There’s a lot of marketing actions and sales actions I can take based off of that information, either reminding you to watch the video or sending you the next video I want you to watch. That was a crucial piece for us — we need to know how much they’ve watched.”


Impulse Creative started seeing an impact on day one of the integration going live. In George’s opinion, it’s the easiest video integration into HubSpot that allows you to go into lists, contacts, filters in contacts, workflows, and reporting, and pull the data you’re looking for to make immediate decisions — whether you’re a sales rep, a marketer, or even a service team.

Wistia also offered a bunch of other features Impulse Creative loved like branded video players, adding Turnstiles and Calls to Action, and custom thumbnails.

The ability to customize the video player made video content look and feel like Impulse Creative’s brand and sub-brands. George explained how it made content feel more rich versus embedding a YouTube or Vimeo video player.

Turnstile and end-of-video CTAs also helped the business generate more leads and improve communication with viewers by providing a better content experience.

Additionally, Impulse Creative witnessed the value of custom thumbnails inside of the Wistia player. Impulse Creative saw an increased play rate of 20–80% based on this one feature.

“The most return on investment is being able to report on data with ease. You can see if all the work that you did was worth the effort.”

On top of all that, George said one of the best parts of working with the Wistia product was working with the Wistia team whenever he reached out with ideas for the integration.

Sprocket Talk

Impulse Creative also used the Wistia + HubSpot integration for its largest unofficial HubSpot resource, Sprocket Talk, which offers tutorials, interviews, courses, and more free education. Wistia helped Impulse Creative use video data to drive the content strategy for Sprocket Talk and create content that resonates.

For Impulse Creative, Sprocket Talk is one gigantic campaign, where it can see how the power of free education lends itself to positioning Impulse Creative as a thought leader and the best of the best in the industry. Check it out!