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Dan Riordan

About Dan Riordan

Gnarly Bay is a small yet mighty video production collective hidden in a basement in Westerly, RI. Since setting out into the wilderness of video 10+ years ago, they’ve created content for brands big and small, while making it a priority to set aside time to tell a few personal stories to keep the creative fires burning. In their WistiaFest talk, Gnarly Bay shares some production anecdotes and cover how their gear and workflow have evolved over time.

Talk takeaways

  • How spending time on video passion projects has energized Gnarly Bay's other creative work and helped them grow their business.
  • Gnarly Bay's production process for clients: determining a storytelling style that connects well with a brand, a creative brief with an ultimate vision for the look and feel, a specific shooting schedule, and using Wipster to organize feedback throughout production.

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