The Irresistible Power of Strategic Storytelling

Kindra Hall

About Kindra Hall

Kindra Hall is an award-winning columnist, author, and national champion storyteller. As a former Director of Marketing and VP of Sales, Kindra discovered the most effective method for capturing attention and increasing revenue—great storytelling. Storytelling isn't a gift -- it's a skill. Kindra Hall has loved storytelling for her entire life. Now, she spends her days as a strategic storytelling consultant for businesses. In her WistiaFest talk, she breaks down how businesses can tell better stories.

Talk takeaways

  • Why is storytelling so compelling? Scientifically, storytelling raises levels of cortisol and oxytocin, which means increased attention and increased trust.
  • Examples of videos the employ storytelling and some of the biggest mistakes companies make when trying to tell their stories.
  • A breakdown of a three-part storytelling process: find the story, craft the story, then tell it; plus a new storytelling structure beyond beginning-middle-end: normal-explosion-new normal.
  • How to ask the right questions and structure your story to connect with your audience.

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