The Psychology of Persuasive Video Content

Nathalie Nahai
Author, Speaker, Web Psychologist

About Nathalie Nahai

A web psychologist, international speaker, and author of the best-selling book Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion, Nathalie helps businesses apply scientific rigor to their design, marketing, and products. She loves to explore how the internet influences our behaviors and how businesses can harness persuasive technologies for good. In her WistiaFest talk, she covers some of the psychology behind persuasive videos and what businesses can do to make their content more engaging.

Talk takeaways

  • We engage with business videos--and the world at large--at a primal level, an emotional level, and a rational level. Nathalie shares some concrete examples of businesses appealing to these systems to grab attention.
  • People judge experiences by their peak highs and peak lows, rather than the sum of the experience, so you should focus on creating peak end emotional experiences in your videos.
  • You can use big 5 personality types to hone your language choice and segment video viewers.
  • Video is a great way to engage and subvert the human rational system, disrupt existing thought schemas, and foster curiosity among viewers.

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