Prove the ROI of Your Video

Phil Nottingham
Director of Product Marketing

About Phil Nottingham

Phil Nottingham regularly speaks around the world about video strategy and technical marketing. Prior to working at Wistia, Phil was a Senior Consultant at Distilled, where he became a renowned expert on video SEO and video marketing strategy. In his WistiaFest talk, Phil offers suggestions for how to make a better business case for video.

Talk takeaways

  • We often confuse metrics (things we can measure), KPIs (how we define success), and ROI (attributable financial return).
  • Why bigger numbers and viral success aren't always better, and why you shouldn't treat every metric as a KPI.
  • The key benefits of video -- its emotional impact and ability to convey a lot of information in a short time -- and how to measure a "meaningful impression".
  • How to separate creative and marketing goals to improve your measurement and produce more targeted videos and tips for attaching metrics to emotional state change and minimum viable conversions.
  • Specific practices for measuring ROI from paid video campaigns on YouTube and Facebook.
  • The importance of both tangible and intangible video goals.

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