WistiaFest is a user conference for businesses who love video. Attendees represent a wide range of professionals. Here's who should come, and what you’ll take away:

Wistia Users

Learn how to get the most out of your Wistia account, and leave with actionable insights.

In-House Creatives

Learn to balance strategy and creative on a daily basis, and get buy-in from your team using powerful analytics.


Learn how to create personalized sales messages and harness the power of video throughout your sales cycle to close more deals.


Learn how to bring your culture to life to attract the best candidates and turn employees into advocates.

Marketers and Strategists

Learn how to improve your marketing efforts with video and report on your work with in-depth analytics.

CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Learn the latest in video strategy, and how it can impact your entire business—across all teams.


Learn how to sell the power of video to your clients with specific analytics and strategies.

Support and Training

Learn how to use video to communicate clearly with your audience and teach in an effective and human way.

Need help convincing your boss? We've got you covered.

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It is 5x more cost effective to retain a customer than gain a new one. Use video to delight your customers. #WistiaFest

Gabriel Marguglio‏ ()@g_marguglio)

Boat cruise, dancing, cannons, and Boston history all at once. Nothing like it. Thank you, @wistia. #WistiaFest

Ryan Ray (@ryanr14)

Great lighting techniques from Caleb Wojcik. #WistiaFest #icelights

Enget (@engetrepeat)

“Create a recruiting process so remarkable your candidates don’t just apply, they become brand promoters.” Great talk @BeckyHMc #wistiafest

HBS MBA Recruiting‏ (@HBSRecruitMBA)

Meaghan sharing the truth about making sales more personal. Let your prospects see who you are – Videos can help #WistiaFest #soapbox

Peter Von Burchard (@vonburchard)
code of conduct image

Code of Conduct

We are committed to providing a safe, welcoming, harassment-free space for everyone, regardless of individuals’ self-identity, self-expression, and physical appearance; including but not limited to age, body size, gender identity, disability, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and technology choices.

All attendees, speakers, sponsors, and staff at WistiaFest events should act and speak respectfully and with tolerance, and consider the impact of their actions regardless of intent. Wistia will enforce this code throughout the event. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.

By way of illustration, here are 3 WistiaFest golden rules:

  1. Be Kind
    • Do: Treat others with respect and compassion.

    • Don't: Make inappropriate comments such as insults, put-downs, or jokes that are racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, or otherwise discriminatory, or use violent or oppressive language.

  2. Be friendly, inclusive, and professional.
    • Do: Make new connections! Introduce people to one another; make the effort to include others who are on their own; open up discussion circles so others feel welcome to join.

    • Don't: Make unwelcome advances or inappropriate/suggestive comments to others. If you’re not sure whether your advances are welcomed or not, don’t make them. Don’t harass others—physically, verbally, online, or otherwise.

  3. Take care of others.
    • Do: Let an event organizer or Wistia employee know if you notice a dangerous situation, someone in distress, or violations of this code of conduct.

    • Don't: Feel that any problem or concern is too inconsequential to tell us about.

If a participant is asked to stop any inappropriate behavior, we expect them to comply immediately. A participant who does not abide by this code of conduct may be sanctioned or expelled from the event without a refund at the discretion of the event organizers.

Conference staff will be happy to help participants contact hotel/venue security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the conference. We value your attendance.

This code of conduct applies to all WistiaFest contexts, including scheduled workshops and sessions, as well as all Wistia-hosted, or otherwise conference-related, social events, and online activity related to WistiaFest, across social media, the Wistia Community, etc.

Who to contact:

If you notice someone behaving or speaking inappropriately, or you are concerned for your or anyone else’s safety, please let us know right away, either in person or via wellbeing@wistia.com.

Meredith & Tom are WistiaFest's Wellbeing Team – they're here to make sure everyone has a great experience at WistiaFest, and to respond to any violations of this code of conduct. Any member of the Wistia team is also available. Remember, you make the 'Fest, so let's make it great!