Unlikely Bedfellows

Here’s a little secret: we love it when new people learn about Wistia by watching one of our videos. We like it so much that we decided to give it a name -- we call it “Inbound Marketing” (jk, HubSpot already claimed that term, but we’re pretty sure they stole it from us).


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Okay, so it’s not a new idea, but the question is, how can we get great content in front of these new people? We’ve found that the most consistent and reliable way to expand our reach is actually to use email and focus on the people already in our audience.

For us, it’s a cyclical process. We create good content, share with our immediate audience, they share with their network and our audience grows incrementally (and consistently) over time. Those new audience members are much more valuable than a random view off of YouTube because they were referred to us by someone they know.

Email is the best, most direct way to get the sharing process going, and high click-through rates come with consistently good content and fun thumbnails!

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