7 B2B Companies Using Wistia Channels for Video Content

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Ever since we launched Wistia Channels, we’ve been blown away by the reaction from our customers and the ways in which they’ve been using this feature to showcase their videos. From binge-worthy episodic series and interview shows to video podcasts and customer success stories, the opportunities for Channels are endless.

Today, we’re highlighting a few customer Channels that we think are pretty sweet. Check them out and get inspired!

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1. RevSure: Video library

RevSure, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) tools for marketing, sales, and customer success for revenue operations, uses a Wistia Channel to showcase their growing video library. Prospective customers can find their customer stories, solution spotlights, explainer videos, RevTalks podcast episodes, and more in a neatly organized, easy-to-navigate Channel.

RevSure’s team set up their Channel much faster than it would’ve taken to build a page, and they could easily control their branding. It’s also pretty easy for them to update their Channel. And hosting their videos in Wistia gives them access to analytics that tell them how people are watching their content.

2. 360Learning: Video series

Collaborative learning platform 360Learning operates in a crowded space. While they were successfully capturing demand through paid channels, they wanted a unique way to elevate their brand and cut through the noise. Enter: Onboarding Joei.

This first-of-its-kind docu-series follows Joei Chan as she onboards for her new role as 360Learning’s Content Marketing Manager. The series began filming right before the pandemic, which added an extra layer of difficulty as Joei navigated all of the challenges of starting a new job.

Although each episode is only five minutes long, Onboarding Joei brings the drama. From setting objectives and key results (OKRs) to navigating a new company’s culture, the series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. And, with all the episodes showcased in a Channel, folks can easily watch them at their own pace. They can choose to binge-watch all the episodes in one session or subscribe for new episodes to watch as soon as they’re released.

Get Inspired
Learn how 360Learning’s team navigated developing and launching a new video series in a remote-first world.

3. Terminus: Interview series

B2B companies often invest in thought leadership content to build trust and credibility in their respective industries. An interview series can be a great way to share expertise and opinions in a fun and engaging format — no one said interviews have to be boring!

Terminus, an account-based marketing platform, took a fun approach to their signature series, The Roof. The series features interviews with internal leaders at Terminus and industry experts who tackle topics like “Does SEO still matter?” The episodes are short and snappy, and they’re often filled with wild ideas and hot takes.

The premise of the series is simple: All barriers and inhibitions are left on the sidewalk when folks get on the roof. Terminus encourages every interviewee to really speak their mind on controversial topics, which makes the show super human and relatable. In fact, each episode feels less like an interview and more like a conversation with a friend.

4. Formlabs: Onboarding videos

Formlabs, a 3D printing technology manufacturer and developer based in Somerville, Massachusetts, uses a Channel to feature the onboarding videos for their Form 3 3D printer product. These step-by-step videos are clear, engaging, and visually appealing. They easily help take their customers through every step of the process, from unboxing to printing.

We love how they’ve used a Wistia Channel to display these videos in sequential order, so a viewer can effortlessly follow along as they’re unpacking their own product. They’ve also added captions to each video, which not only improves accessibility, but also makes it easy for viewers to watch from around the world — a must-have for a global company.

5. Segway: Partnership videos

Segway, a leading provider of personal electronic transportation based in Bedford, New Hampshire, uses a Channel to showcase a number of their videos, including product explainers, company partnership announcements, and videos on the future of the market and technology.

We love how they’ve titled their Channel to instantly demonstrate the value of their product and how they’ve used sections within their Channel to separate the different subjects.

Get Inspired
Working with lots of video content? Learn more about how to best organize your Wistia Channel in this handy post!

6. 6Sense: Video podcast

Who doesn’t love learning from subject matter experts? Account engagement platform 6Sense used this engaging storytelling format in their video podcast, Talking Sense.

In this series, which they describe as “a collection of candid conversations with B2B industry trendsetters," 6Sense’s Chief Marketing Officer shares in-depth interviews on topics like modern sales, marketing, and more.

While Talking Sense is intrinsically related to 6Sense’s mission, they’ve decided to give the podcast its own brand by creating a separate domain for it and embedding their Wistia Channel there. We love their creative use of thumbnails and the overall color scheme they chose. Just look at that beautiful aqua blue play button!

Adding video to a podcast is a great way to connect with your audience and build trust. And it doesn’t have to be a heavy lift — a simple setup with a camera on each host will do the trick.

7. Wistia: On-demand webinars and live events

We’ve covered how Wistia Channels is great for binge-worthy, episodic content, but there’s so much more you can do with this product. A Channel can also be a great home for your company’s webinars or live events. Not only will a Channel elevate the look and feel of your video content, but it can also help you grow an audience and generate leads well after the cameras stop rolling. On-demand content for the win!

We took this very approach for our live event series, (Out Of) Office Hours. Our Head of Production, Chris Lavigne, hosted a series of streams on all things remote video production. We created a Channel to house the videos, and we’re still seeing engagement with these assets over a year later!

Let the inspiration flow

We created Wistia Channels to make displaying a collection of videos on your website super easy — no developers required — while remaining completely on-brand. And we’re so delighted to see how our customers from a number of different industries are all using this feature to show off their awesome video content.

Meisha Bochicchio


Kristin Bagnoli


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