Video for Lead Generation: Webinar Follow Up

Kristen Craft

Business Development

On Thursday, February 25th, Wistia teamed up with Infusionsoft to present a webinar about lead generation. We were excited to work with the Infusionsoft team, since they have a ton of expertise in helping small businesses grow. Plus, they are Wistia customers, and we love their videos!

We got a lot of great questions during the webinar and didn’t have time to field them all, so we’re taking a moment to answer them here.

1. How effective is sending a personalized video to a prospect after a conversation?

There’s a massive opportunity for companies to be doing more personalized video content. For example, Bluleadz started sending short, personalized videos to their sales prospects, and they increased their close rate by 28% with this approach. I know that _I_ respond better on those rare occasions when people send me a personalized video (on a partner idea pitch, for example).

2. What does the Wistia-Infusionsoft integration do?

There are two main parts of the integration:

  1. You can easily use video as an enticing call to action in any email. Start by embedding a clickable video thumbnail in an email within Infusionsoft. When your recipients click, they’ll be redirected to your site (or the landing page where the video lives). The email address of each recipient will be attached to their viewing events.

  2. You can collect email addresses from your videos using our Turnstile email collector, and then pump those leads directly into Infusionsoft.

3. How does Wistia compare to YouTube?

Wistia is the ideal platform for all the videos you’re hosting on your site, and YouTube can be a useful supplementary social platform. Where YouTube is designed primarily to serve content creators and companies doing big brand advertising campaigns, Wistia is built to serve companies using video on their websites for marketing, support, and sales. YouTube is more like a social network than a video hosting platform per se, and should be used as part of a video marketing strategy, not as a repository where all videos are hosted.

“Wistia is the ideal platform for all the videos you’re hosting on your site, and YouTube can be a useful supplementary social platform.”

In terms of practical differences, Wistia allows you to control how and where your audience watches your video. You can customize our video player to match your brand, control where your videos can be viewed, and rest easy knowing our automated video SEO will ensure that pages on your website are indexed in Google search. And here’s the real kicker — Wistia will not play ads before your videos. Wistia also provides more powerful marketing tools and more detailed analytics than YouTube.

Both Wistia and YouTube can work with Infusionsoft, but Wistia allows you to pass leads through to the platform and use video playback data in your marketing automation. For your “on-site” videos, Wistia is your best bet.

4. Any recommendations for using captions?

I see a lot more videos with captions now, and I prefer them on social, so I don’t have to turn on speakers or disturb others with sound.

We love seeing people use captions on every video! They’re great for occasions when your viewers don’t have headphones. They also ensure that your content is accessible to everyone.

5. Can Wistia’s Turnstile be hosted on my website? Or will the landing page be Wistia?

Our Turnstile email collector lives within the video player itself, and the video can live on any landing page or site you’ve built! In other words, if you use a Wistia embed on your site, then Turnstile will come along for the ride. It’s all within your control on your website.

Kristen Craft

Business Development

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