5 Reasons Why Your Podcast Deserves A Spot On Your Website

August 10, 2021

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Meisha Bochicchio


Lisa Marinelli


Creating a podcast for your business is a great way to reach a niche audience and grow your brand. Content marketing has evolved to encompass so many different formats — and audio is ideal for passive and on-demand consumption.

Once you’ve created your concept and gotten a few episodes under your belt, the next logical step is to post them to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or another podcast streaming platform, right? We completely agree! Streaming apps are a great way to meet your audience where they are and get your show in front of more folks.

That said, we also believe that your podcast deserves a designated place on your website. After all, making your website the home base for all your brand content is the key to owning your audience.

From building a deeper connection to your audience to generating and nurturing leads, this post will give you five reasons why your podcast deserves to be front and center on your website with other brand content.

1. Highlight your show’s brand

When you post your podcast to a streaming service, it’s super important to create eye-catching show art to start establishing brand recognition for your show. You can also create designs for individual episodes. However, that’s about the limit of your customization options for branding on streaming platforms.

On the other hand, your website offers much more flexibility when it comes to designing a beautiful and engaging brand experience. You can control the entire page experience, from the overall looks and feel, to how episodes are displayed, to other content you want folks to discover.

Check out the brand experience we built for our latest podcast, A Better Workplace.

And with the right tools, you don’t even need help from a developer to make this brand magic happen. Wistia allows you to create the most on-brand experiences for your podcast or video podcast with a single snippet of code. Whether you want to create a beautiful series page that lives on your site or embed individual episodes, our tools can help you make it happen.

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See beautiful branding in action! Check out companies that use Wistia to bring their podcast to life.

2. Build a deeper connection with your audience

By creating a better brand experience for your podcast on your website, you’ll also help build a deeper connection with your audience. At any point, visitors can explore your website to find more helpful content or learn more about your product or service — unlike on a streaming platform, where listeners have easy access to other shows and content.

You’ll have more control over the content folks see, whether that’s another podcast episode, a blog post, or your latest video series. Hosting your audio content on your site makes your podcast feel like an extension of your overall content strategy — in a good way!

3. Drive organic traffic

Hosting your podcast on your website is another way to drive more organic traffic. As The Drum puts it, “A webpage makes it easier for search engines to discover your episodes and drive traffic to them.”

Remember, your podcast is just another type of content. So treat each episode just like you would a blog post and make sure your audio content is optimized for both listeners and search engines.

“A webpage makes it easier for search engines to discover your episodes and drive traffic to them.”

Small details like transcripts, show notes, and descriptions can have a big impact on your podcast’s search performance. Including keywords in your descriptions on the page where it lives can also help improve the discoverability of your show on search engines.

When your podcast lives on your site, you can also build internal links by creating blog content that supports your show. Whether you’re releasing episode recaps or telling the story behind your show, supporting content is a great way to create more entry points into your podcast.

4. Generate owned subscribers

As we mentioned, making your website the home base for your brand content is the best way to own your audience. With your podcast hosted on your website, you have an opportunity to generate owned subscribers.

Ask folks on your website to subscribe to your show for updates about new episodes or exclusive content. Then, when they submit their email, you’ll know that they want you to keep them in the loop about the amazing content you have to offer!

After they’ve submitted their email to become a subscriber, you’ll have a direct connection with these folks that’ll allow you to engage and communicate with them. By serving them relevant and valuable content, you could nurture them into prospects and customers.

You don’t get contact data from third-party streaming apps, so the ability to capture this info on your website is super valuable!

5. Nurture your audience with lead scoring

Measuring the success of a podcast or audio-based show is tricky. How do you know if your content is resonating? Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect the dots between content and what’s moving the needle from a business perspective? Well, we’ve got some great news — you can!

By hosting podcast content on your website and connecting your marketing tools, you can send listener data directly into your marketing automation platform for real-time insight. Get intel on what episodes your contacts are loving, how long they listen, and what other content they engage with after each episode — all with a few clicks behind the scenes.

Learn more about how Wistia connects and shares data with marketing automation platforms.

Put your podcast front and center

Make your audio content a part of your larger content marketing efforts by creating a beautiful, branded podcast experience. By hosting your podcast on your website, you’ll have full control over the entire listening experience and the tools to build a community of raving fans.

Meisha Bochicchio


Lisa Marinelli


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