8 Companies Using Wistia to Host Their Podcast

June 29, 2021

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Lisa Marinelli


2020 was a big year for Wistia. In case you missed it — we added podcasting to our platform! This feature allows companies to beautifully showcase audio content, distribute their podcast to all the major listening platforms, and unlock insights that’ll help them understand what’s resonating with their audiences.

This all sounds great, but how does the look and feel of Wistia podcasting compare to other podcast experiences?

In the past, we’ve shared how companies are using Wistia Channels to showcase their video content, so we wanted to do the same for our podcasting feature. Keep reading to see how some brands are telling their stories, their way, using Wistia Channels and audio embeds for their podcasts.

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Brands whose podcasts we’re loving

1. Shopify

Shopify is an end-to-end ecommerce platform for small to medium sized businesses. They help companies start, sell, market, and manage their products via a full suite of tools and templates that empower business owners to leverage the power of online commerce.

Their show, In Conversation with Shopify Plus, touts being an interview series with the best and brightest in business. And with guests like Steve Madden, Founder of the legendary footwear brand, Chip Wilson of Lululemon, and Dylan Lauren of Dylan’s Candy Bar — we have to agree.

Check out the full show on Shopify.

Shopify has taken a unique approach to showcasing episodes on their website. In lieu of a Channel, the podcast fits seamlessly in with other blog content. The page features a prominent and well-branded audio embed where listeners can listen right there on the page or on their favorite listening platform. Below, the page features a robust rich media interview transcript with images and links that add context to the conversation.

2. MarketScale

Another company using Wistia podcasting features is a Dallas, Texas-based marketing firm and publisher called MarketScale. In the past, they’ve created their own original long-form episodic series to support their brand. Today, they continue to produce videos for their clients across a myriad of industries.

Besides video content, they’re also creating a full network of podcasts. Experience by Design, a design-focused show hosted by Bryan Meszaros, explores the story behind exhibits to understand how a carefully crafted experience taps into the human experience to connect people to place. This podcast uses a Wistia Channel to showcase all audio content in one seamless experience.

Check out the Experience by Design Channel.

In their content strategy, they’re also using Wistia to embed an audio player on blogs focused on podcast recaps. Take a look at how MarketScale embedded the player on this landing page for Dirt Work’s episode “The Resiliency of the Hospitality Industry.” We love how they’ve customized the color to compliment their branding.

See the Dirt Work audio embed here.

Looks pretty snazzy if we do say so ourselves! Plus, by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the player, their audience can choose to listen and subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

3. Opes Partners

Even a group of property investors, coaches, and analysts at Opes Partners in New Zealand have created a podcast called The Property Academy. The company provides property investment coaching for first-time investors in NZ.

The Property Academy is hosted by Ed McKnight, an economist and self-professed data nerd, and Andrew Nicol, who’s worked with investors for 15 years. On this daily podcast, they teach folks everything they know about property investing and present the most honest and up to date information about the New Zealand property market.

Even with over 400 episodes already produced, they seamlessly migrated all of their existing episodes into Wistia. On their site, they’ve embedded a Wistia Channel showcasing all of their episodes for visitors to binge every episode at their leisure. They’ve also included a video trailer instead of an audio-only trailer, which provides a special brand touch and puts faces to the names before people dive into listening.

Listen to The Property Academy here.

4. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is an applicant tracking and recruiting software solution. To date, they’ve helped over 4,000 companies on their journey to become great at hiring. They currently manage four unique shows that highlight different aspects of recruiting, hiring, and people management.

One of their more recent shows, Hiring for What’s Next, shares deep conversations with business leaders as they navigate what works — and what doesn’t — to develop a winning talent strategy that drives real business results.

The podcast page features audio embeds that highlight their show art and brand front and center. They also have short episode blurbs, transcripts, and social sharing enabled to make each episode accessible and easy to share.

See Greenhouse’s podcast lineup here.

5. SmartTab

SmartTab, a wireless drug delivery platform, also created a podcast to reach their niche audience. Their show Who Would Have Thought is about digital health innovation exploring digital health leaders’ perspectives today and inquiring into digital technologies of tomorrow.

Using a Wistia Channel for their audio content, they’ve displayed their show art and episodes in a striking fashion — we totally dig it! They’ve also included links for folks to listen on their preferred platforms, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

We love how their landing page includes additional details about their podcast below the Channel, like short bios introducing their show hosts, links to more of their content, and a Call to Action to subscribe to their podcast newsletter. Be sure to check out the page and see for yourself!

Listen to Who Would Have Thought here.

6. Ventricle

Ventricle, a media company helping businesses grow by building lifelong audiences for their brands with video series, is also in on the podcast game. From 2015–2018, they produced The Utah Foodie Podcast, where they interviewed the state’s top chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary entrepreneurs to showcase the Utah food scene.

Although their podcast has run its course, it’s still a valuable piece of evergreen content that lives on their site. Ventricle directs curious listeners to “The Utah Foodie Podcast Complete Episode Archive” where they’ll find every episode presented in — you guessed it — a super sleek Wistia Channel!

All 76 episodes about Utah’s greatest bars, beer, breakfast spots, coffee stops, farmers markets, and more are ready to stream on Ventricle Presents, Ventricle’s collection of short-form series and films that celebrate the spirit of building community.

Check out The Utah Foodie here.

7. 6Sense

6Sense is an account engagement platform that helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of a revenue team. Their video podcast talkingsense is hosted by 6Sense’s CMO, Latané Conant, and is one series of valuable content their Studio6 team creates for their B2B audience.

talkingsense is a collection of candid conversations with B2B trendsetters about predictive marketing and artificial intelligence, modern sales and revenue operations, and much more.

By taking a video podcast approach to their conversations, they leveled-up their audience’s experience to be even more engaging. Their viewers can listen with audio-only without missing any important details, but the video recording allows for folks to put a face to the name.

Get a look at 6Sense’s video podcast approach.

8. Buffer

Last on our list, we have Buffer’s Built to Last audio conference, the first-ever audio conference for brand builders. We partnered with Buffer, a software solution for building your audience and growing your brand on social media, to bring marketers exclusive podcast episodes from folks behind some of the world’s most-loved brands like Recess, Red Antler, and Haus.

We took the concept of an in-person conference and delivered it as a podcast. Throughout the event, attendees received exclusive access to a private podcast feed where we released six episodes over the two-day conference. Each episode featured lessons and key insights that can be applied for crafting memorable content and campaigns that build engaged audiences. Once the conference was over, Built to Last attendees could replay episodes at any time after.

Action Item
Anyone who missed the conference can still sign up to get access to all of this amazing content on-demand. Every episode is hosted in a Wistia Channel with further instructions for those who want to listen on the go.

Imagine the possibilities for audio content

We’re huge fans of how these brands are elevating their audio content using Wistia to host their podcasts. If you want to learn more about how to set up a podcast on a Wistia Channel, be sure to head on over to this post. Or, if you’re simply inspired by the stories these companies are telling to reach their niche audiences, we encourage you to produce your very own podcast to support your brand!

Lisa Marinelli


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