Introducing Wistia’s New Video Editing Feature! ✂️

Lisa Marinelli


Have you ever wished you could make a quick trim to your recorded webinar without bugging your video team or hiring outside help? How about taking one of your polished customer stories and extracting a great quote to share on social media? Well, your wish is about to come true. We’re pleased to announce that easy edits like these are no longer merely a fantasy — they’re now a reality with Wistia’s new easy-to-use editing feature!

If you’re a marketer who wants to take video editing matters into your own hands, this feature is for you. If you’re someone who’s more focused on strategy and would like to save time creating video assets, this feature is for you, too! And hey, if you’d like to spend less time downloading and uploading videos to Adobe Premiere Pro or other software to make simple edits, we think you’re going to dig this.

Don’t see the studio in your account? You’re probably on a Legacy plan. To get access to recording, editing, and a whole lot more, check out our updated plans or get in touch today!

Let’s dive into the details, shall we?

What you can do with our editing feature

From making quick trims to cutting with precision, editing with Wistia is easy as pie! Plus, our editing is non-destructive, so you never have to worry about losing a clip. Here’s a breakdown of the editing powers you’ll hold with our new feature.

Make basic editing less of a hassle

When it comes to cleaning up the beginning and end of your video, trimming with our editing feature is quick and intuitive. You can cut out the awkward silence before a webinar begins, for example. Or you can even trim out everything but the most important moments in your video. Wistia makes basic editing less of a hassle, no matter your skill level.

And, if you already have video editing experience under your belt, we’ve also included keyboard shortcuts you might already be familiar with.

Cut out whatever you want, wherever you want

Hey, cut it out! No, really — we mean it. While trimming lets you clean up the beginning and end of your video, we know the middle is just as important. That’s why our feature comes with the splitting and cutting functions.

With Wistia, you can easily split your clips to cut out anything you want, at any point in your timeline. You can also feel confident making the chop because we always save your original version.

Edit with precision

No matter how long your webinar, tutorial, or product video is, we’ve made it possible for you to zoom into the exact moment you want to remove. You can zoom right in to cut your footage with precision — we’re talking down to the frame.

Take editing matters into your own hands!

Now that we’ve run through what you can do with editing in Wistia, here are some examples of how you can put our editing feature into action.

Cut out dead air

As we mentioned, trimming comes in super handy when you want to cut out dead air at the beginning or end of your video. For example, it’s common for webinars to have long, awkward pauses at the beginning due to technical difficulties before things start rolling. Clean things up with a quick trim right in Wistia, and your recorded webinar will be ready for on-demand viewing!

Create short clips from a long video

If you have a long video — like a webinar or product walkthrough — that has a ton of great bits, Wistia is just what you need. Our editing feature makes it easy to extract shareable clips from your video. For example, you can extract the best quotes from an edited customer testimonial and then share the clips with your customers, with your team, or on social media.

Just split your clip, make your cuts, and then export. These more digestible chunks can be shared on social media, embedded on your website, or published in a Wistia Channel.

Get rid of unnecessary information

Have a super long video? Chances are it contains unnecessary or repeat information you’d rather keep out of the final version. Luckily, you can cut out any unnecessary information, as well as anything else you don’t want, to keep viewers engaged.

Streamline your marketing workflow

Making simple edits can be frustrating, time-consuming, and fragmented across tools. But the introduction of Wistia’s editing feature makes it possible to streamline your marketing workflow. You’ll have the ability to host, edit, and distribute your content all in one place.

Now you no longer have to worry about bugging your video team or hiring freelancers to make basic trims and cuts. Take more ownership over your content, and get your videos out the door in no time!

Lisa Marinelli


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