Product Spotlight: See What’s New in Wistia [February 2023]

We’ve got the spotlight on product updates to Channels, video analytics, Wistia Live registration forms, and video embed location performance tracking galore!

February 27, 2023

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Elise Beck

Product Marketing

In the past month, we released a slew of new features designed to help you feel more in control of your video marketing strategy. From improved analytics to a more flexible registration form for webinars and live events, we’re confident these improvements will make your video workflow feel like less work and more flow. With your feedback, here’s what we’ve done to make Wistia work better for you!

A new (over)view for media analytics

We’ve refreshed media-level analytics to include a new overview tab, which lets you see media performance trends over time. Select a date range and view key metrics like play rate, engagement, unique visitors, conversion rate, plays, and time played. An interactive graph lets you drill into the details, and you can see granular engagement data under the “Engagement” tab.

Break down video performance by embed location

Now you can easily see how your video is performing across different channels. At the bottom of the new media-level analytics overview tab, you’ll see a table that breaks down your media performance by embed location.

Get an aggregate overview of your Channel and project performance

A new top-level filter on the Account overview analytics page lets you see aggregate data over a period of time for projects and Channels in addition to all media, all in one place.

Create searchable video galleries with Channels

Add a search bar to your Channels. This new feature searches the names, descriptions, and transcripts of all media within a Channel to help your audience easily find what they’re looking for. Search will automatically be enabled for any new Channels you create. If you’d like to enable search on an existing Channel, you can do that by navigating to the body section of the Channel editor.

More flexibility for your webinar and live event registration forms

Next time you set up a webinar or live event in Wistia, you’ll notice a few new options for your registration form. Add additional fields like phone number, job title, company name, and country, and automatically send registration data to your marketing automation platform for seamless lead nurturing.

You’ll also have the option to add custom disclaimers to your live event registration forms to be in compliance with GDPR and other data privacy laws.

An easier way to add and organize videos in Wistia

Add new videos to your Wistia account directly from the All Content page, without having to choose a Channel or Project first.

And when you need to move things around, it’s easier than ever to move your media to specific sections within a Channel or Project.

That’s our February product updates!

We hope this month’s updates leave you feeling more empowered to take control of your video marketing strategy. Go ahead and work your video magic with Wistia — you won’t believe the amazing things you can achieve!

February 27, 2023

Topic tags

Elise Beck

Product Marketing

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