Product Spotlight Hackathon Edition: See What's New in Wistia [March 2024]

Downloading videos with captions, comparing media trends, and more are no longer wishful thinking for Wistia users.

April 3, 2024

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Courtney Lefferts

Product Marketing

We love your feedback here at Wistia. From the things you love to the things that drive you nuts, your feedback pushes us to innovate so we can help every business thrive with video.

In February, we hosted a three-day hackathon to turn your requests into action. And for this month’s Product Spotlight, we’re sharing the features that went live as a result.

Customer-centric innovation

In case you’ve never been a part of a hackathon, it’s an event where developers, designers, and other teammates from across the company come together to move quickly and ship features outside of what they have planned on their product roadmap.

Hackathons give us space to explore new ideas and tackle challenges in a collaborative environment. For this one, we took some of our customers’ biggest requests and turned them into reality. Check out the things we worked on that you can use in Wistia today!

Managing content made easier

Option to download videos with captions

This one’s a biggie! Now you can download your videos with the captions included. When you go to download, just select that you want to include captions and then choose a language. Once you’ve downloaded the video, it’ll be playable in any player (like QuickTime or VLC) and there will be an option in that player to display captions.

Super simple transcript translations

Imagine translating your video’s transcript into a new language with just one click and then seeing the translation show up as captions. Sounds too good to be true? Well, we’ve made it a reality! If you’re on our Advanced or Premium Plan, you can easily translate your transcript into any language you want with the click of a button. There will be more to come for translations, but we won’t spill the beans yet.

Bulk actions for comments

Sometimes you want to turn on (or off) comments for an entire folder’s worth of videos. Before the hackathon, that was a tedious process. Now, you can change your settings in bulk. Just select all the videos you want, hit “Manage Comments” in the action bar at the bottom, and that’s it. Easy peasy. You’ve got control over all your comments without the hassle of adjusting the settings for each video.

Automatic removal of empty folders

While we’re on the topic of account cleanups, let’s talk about empty folders. Previously, when you archived an entire folder of media, that pesky empty folder would still stick around. Now, we automatically remove empty folders when you archive, making it easier for you to keep your account nice and tidy.

“Click for Sound” options and fixes

We heard your feedback loud and clear about the “Click for Sound” button’s space and text length issues. Now, if the text is too long, it’ll be truncated so that it fits within the player. Plus, you have the option to remove the button from video thumbnails.

Analyzing over time

We just introduced a new chart on the Compare Media page that lets users compare media trends for any selected period. Now you can better understand how your content is performing over time. This update also includes a fancy line chart that lets you visualize your videos’ performance and compare trends quickly. With the chart format, you’ll get to identify peaks and valleys in performance across multiple videos at the same time. Nice.

So there you have it. Three days of work. Way more than three incredible updates. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to sprint to improve how you manage content, help you keep your viewers more engaged, and provide in-depth insights.

Cheers to the Wistia team for coming together to develop and ship these powerful, user-friendly updates in record time. Join us to explore these new features and discover how Wistia can help you thrive with video.

April 3, 2024

Topic tags

Courtney Lefferts

Product Marketing

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