Product Spotlight: See What’s New in Wistia [November 2023]

We’ve rolled out a treasure trove of features that’ll take your video content game to the next level.

November 29, 2023

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Jean Merlain


As November winds down and the holiday lights start twinkling, we at Wistia have been wrapping up a bundle of shiny new features that’ll take your video content game to the next level. We’re talking major improvements that’ll have you streaming like a pro and managing your content with more ease than ever before.

Let’s gather around, friends, because we’re ready to unwrap these updates!

Improvements to Wistia Live: a webinar host’s dream

First off, let’s talk webinars and live events. Our engineers have been tinkering under the Wistia Live hood, upgrading our infrastructure to bring you a more stable and reliable experience. And guess what? It’s finally here! Though much of the magic happened behind the scenes, you can still enjoy a bunch of improvements on the front end:

Unlimited panelists: The more, the merrier! We’ve ditched the seven-panelist cap and now you can invite a whole squad of panelists to your live events.

Name displays: No more guessing games. Now, every speaker’s name is clearly displayed when they take the stage, so you always know who’s speaking.

Multiple hosts: Tag-team your live events with ease. We’ve made it possible for you to give the live event keys to other collaborators with host permissions. This way, a moderator can handle backstage activities like answering live questions or sharing links in the chat while you focus on being the charming host you are.

Increased resolution: We’re bringing crystal clear clarity to your streams with 1080p resolution. Your audience can experience the finer details of your event because your content deserves to be seen in its best light.

Embeddable forms: And for the cherry on top, we’ve added embeddable live registration forms for you to include on your landing pages. This will allow your guests to RSVP to your event from anywhere, making the process much easier. Just sit back and watch the sign-ups roll in!

Want to check out these fresh updates for yourself? Explore more about how you can streamline your entire webinar process with Wistia Live!

A more seamless recording and editing experience

We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear: The recording and editing experience needed a bit of love. So we’re revamping it to be more intuitive than before. Now you can record and edit videos anywhere in Wistia.

This new and improved experience means you no longer need the Studio, which is why we’re phasing it out in January of 2024. While we’re sad to see it go, we’re super excited to make creation tools available throughout Wistia.

Here’s the rundown

Simplified creation: You may have noticed that starting last month, all new videos recorded in Wistia become media instantly. That eliminates the extra step of moving the videos out of the Studio.

Streamlined drafts: Starting this month, every media will have one draft state, which means less clutter and more space for you to focus. We’ll help you move your drafts to your Content Library so that you’re all set when the curtain falls on the Studio.

And that’s it! As we transition away from the Studio, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. In January, we’ll send you an email reminder once it’s gone.

A refreshing revamp to developer docs

Developers, we’ve got your back! Our developer documentation is now so crisp and clear that you can find what you need in a snap. Authenticate with your bearer token, and you’ll get instant access to our handy code snippets to start playing in our user-friendly sandbox. It’s the perfect way to get creative with our API to explore, innovate, and bring your ideas to life.

Analytics insights to go

The Compare Media feature has always been a great way to evaluate the videos in your Wistia library, and now it’s got an extra edge. We’ve added a new export functionality to simplify your data analysis experience.

This new functionality allows you to download your data sets to share with your team or plug them into other tools for deeper insights. In other words, it makes your data work harder for you!

New integration: meets video

What happens when you combine the powers of Wistia and That’s right, you get the harmony of a one workflow symphony. Whenever you upload a video or generate a new lead from your videos, you’ll watch it pop up as a custom item on your board.

And there you have it: a treasure trove of features we’ve rolled out just for you. We’re not just here to help you create content; we’re also here to help you make unforgettable experiences for your audience. So go on; give these new features a whirl!

November 29, 2023

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Jean Merlain


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