New Stats Are Here: Our Video Analytics Get a Major Update

January 14, 2016

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Naike Romain


One of video marketing’s biggest challenges is working out what kind of content your audience will find valuable, and then creating compelling videos that will keep them engaged.

At Wistia, we’ve been working to make it easier to determine whether you’re reaching the right people, keeping those viewers engaged, and turning those viewers into leads. We’re excited to introduce some major updates and new features to our Stats tools. We hope the new information these tools provide will help you understand how your videos are performing in a more meaningful way.

A comprehensive view of your audience

Measuring your video’s view count is important, but that metric alone doesn’t dictate success. You can get a much clearer picture of how your videos are performing if you can demonstrate that you’re reaching the right audience and that your videos are generating leads. That’s where the new Audience page comes in. Now you can see your entire audience and differentiate between the viewers that you know and the viewers that you haven’t identified yet.

The Audience page provides an overview of your audience: how many viewers you’ve turned into leads and which videos they’ve played. Detailed information about each viewer who completes a Turnstile email collector or gets synced from your CRM/marketing automation platform will be visible within Wistia. With a more detailed view of your audience, you can keep track of how well you’re engaging with your known contacts and with new viewers.

More insight into your viewers

Turnstile allows you to capture the names and email addresses of viewers, but an email alone doesn’t paint a complete picture of who the person is. As marketers and sales reps, we need some additional information to gauge whether or not we are reaching the right people and converting qualified leads. To help you get that information quickly, we’ve enriched Viewer pages with data from Clearbit.

Along with each viewer’s video engagement history, you can now see their picture, play count, location, and other publicly available information on the Viewer page. When this data syncs back with your CRM or marketing automation platform, you’ll be able to incorporate the information into your lead scoring process or pass the contacts directly to your sales team so they can follow up.

Watch your views roll in

As data-driven video marketers, we all love to see instant updates to our stats. With real-time performance updates, you can determine viewing patterns quickly and adjust your promotion strategy accordingly. When a launch video’s getting lots of attention, the View Stream will be your new best friend.

In the View Stream, you’ll find a record of every view, as well as its engagement details. At a glance, you can spot which videos viewers are checking out and engaging with every day. This offers you early insights on the views and leads captured for a recently published video or any sudden increase in views or conversions from one of your existing videos. This data can inform decisions about video placement, promotion, or Timeline Actions.

Measure your success

When you want to check on how a specific video is performing, the quickest way is to view the individual video or project stats within Wistia. However, sometimes you need to compare videos or see how all of your videos performed over time. To manage that reporting, we created the Trends report.

The Trends report allows you to drill into which of your videos have received the most views over the long term and understand which videos have performed best in a given timeframe. You can sort your report by the number of plays, play rate, or engagement rate.

A weekly performance reminder

Making time to report on your videos can be hard, but it’s important to keep an eye on how they’re performing. Ideally you’d be able to check on which videos are getting the most plays and if there are any spikes or declines in views on a regular basis. Keeping a close eye on your video performance will provide you with insights that inform how you adjust your video promotion, placement, and content.

To save time, we’ve created the new weekly Stats Digest email, which provides an overview of your video performance.

Now, you can proactively keep track of your progress by setting up the new Stats Digest to be sent to your inbox weekly. Use this email report to identify opportunities to convert more viewers into leads or to adjust your promotion of videos that aren’t getting the amount of plays you expected. Head to Settings > Beta Features to enable the emails to start being sent. From there, you can see all of our Beta releases and turn on the ones that you’d like to try.

It can be hard to understand the business benefit of your videos, and for many of us, proving ROI is essential. That’s why we want you to be able to quickly identify how your videos contribute to your goals and make sure you’re reaching the right people. Each of these tools work hand in hand to provide you with insights about the viewers who make up your audience.

With Wistia, you can now easily see who your viewers are, how they interact with your videos, and how video is impacting your business. Check out the new tools, enroll yourself in the Stats Digest Beta, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Naike Romain


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