Introducing Timeline Actions and Improved Analytics

Casey Henry


You should have the power, tools, and freedom to get the most from your videos and customize them in the ways that are best suited for your business. Today, we’re happy to announce a few new customization tools and improved video analytics to help you drive and measure viewer action!

What’s new

A cleaner interface

We cleaned up the Customize panel and introduced Timeline Actions, your new home for adjusting all behaviors that occur throughout your video, such as email collectors, calls-to-action, and Annotation Links.

It’s easy to add multiple Timeline Actions to your video and adjust when they are displayed. Each waypoint on the timeline represents an action in your video. You can click and drag waypoints along your timeline to set when actions will occur. Different waypoint colors represent different actions, just to make things super clear!

Annotation Links allow you to add links to additional resources or landing pages from within your video. They’re great for adding context to your video without disrupting the overall viewing experience. You might recognize this functionality from our Mid-Roll Links Lab. This tool has been renamed and refreshed, and it’s now easily accessible within the Customize panel.

These links could be used to send viewers to sales pages while products are on screen, alert them to related learning materials, or clue viewers into fun secret footage. The possibilities are endless!

Tracking overall action

Once your Timeline Actions see some activity, all your conversion data will live with the rest of your video’s stats. Want to know how many folks entered their info into a Turnstile? Can do. How many clicks did your annotations get? Yep, we can show that too. Just wander over to your video’s Stats page.

If you want to dig a bit deeper, you can choose to show only viewing sessions that include conversions. For example, when viewers click on your Annotation Link, do they tend to come back and finish watching the video? Now, you will be able to see that data in your heatmaps:

Helping you connect better with your video viewers was the driving force behind the introduction of Timeline Actions (and that sweet data that comes in tow). With any luck, you’ll be able to flex your video muscles, stay in touch with your audience, and make increasingly better decisions with all this newfound information!

Casey Henry


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