February 27, 2014

The Wistia-Ontraport Integration

Kristen Craft

Business Development

We get excited whenever we can build something that Wistia users need, which is why we’re thrilled to announce our new integration with Ontraport! It’s been a long time coming, considering how many people have asked about this. The integration lets people implement an email collector at the beginning, middle, or end of their videos and port all those email addresses directly into an Ontraport account.

When we rolled this integration out, we sought out people who were using both Wistia and Ontraport to maximum effect. And man, were we excited to find Jake Hower of Fuzed fame. He’s been doing some totally killer things with his sales and marketing videos, and uses Wistia and Ontraport to supplement his sales and marketing strategy. As an entrepreneur and the founder of Fuzed, Jake relies on video to build relationships.

Fuzed and video

As a marketing tool, video features prominently on the Fuzed site. Blog posts frequently include video content, and Jake likes to use video to explain new products or features.

In the background, Jake uses his video analytics to get holistic feedback on what his audience likes and dislikes. Then, he examines more granular analytics to dig into the topics that a prospect finds most compelling. As Jake puts it, "data is pointless if you can’t apply it in a specific way." He applies what he learns from the data by steering each sales conversation towards the topics that really matter to an individual, or by prioritizing his sales calls based on who was most engaged (as indicated by the rewatch data on his heatmaps).

After that, Jake sends personalized videos to people interested in Fuzed. These videos build rapport, stand out like crazy, and most importantly, get their attention. Even the URLs of the videos are customized for that specific individual. Once these people start using Fuzed, they might even receive a welcome video from Jake with an offer for consultation services:

This kind of personal touch can go a long way towards making new subscribers feel comfortable, and the rapport he creates can help lower churn rate in the long run.

Video is a powerful asset, but the real win comes when you integrate video with the rest of your sales and marketing efforts. This means being just as strategic in your approach to video as you are with your approach to other aspects of business. It involves making the right videos, putting them in the right places, and using the data that you get about your audience’s viewing history.

Implementing the Ontraport-Wistia integration takes just a minute. Just select Ontraport as your email service provider, which allows you to send email addresses from Turnstile into your Ontraport account.

Want to learn more about using Wistia and Ontraport together? Watch the live hangout we did with Jake on February 26th.

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