The Video Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

Shopping for your favorite video producer at the last minute? No worries! We’ve got just the list for you.

Chris Lavigne


Nothing makes us happier than sharing the joy of video gear with others. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of gifts (at different price points!) to help you find just the right thing for the video enthusiast in your life.

Whether you’ve got a seasoned pro that’s looking to level up their setup or you’re working with a team of newbie marketers that need help getting started, we’ve got you covered!

Before we jump right in, a note: These items aren’t ads, and these aren’t affiliate links. We just genuinely like this gear and want to pass the info along. Enjoy!

Gear geeks

Do you have folks in your life that totally geek out over Apple updates? Maybe they subscribe to and devour Marques Brownlee videos the minute they drop? Treat those techies on your team to some sweet new gear this year!

If you’re intimidated by the thought of buying video gear for people in the know — don’t be! We’ve got a whole squad of geeks who live and breathe gear here at Wistia, so we’ve got your back. Here are some of our top recommendations.

Smartphone video rig

MeFOTO SideKick360 Smartphone Tripod Adapter, $32.95 →
These days, you don’t need much more than a smartphone to create awesome video content. This adapter allows you to stabilize your phone and make sure your videos come out just the way you want them to! You can even pivot 360-degrees, allowing you to shoot in both portrait and landscape modes.

SwitchPod tripod, ball head, and/or phone adapter →
SwitchPod’s got a slightly cheaper phone adapter option than MeFOTO (clocking in at a sale price of under $13 at the time of writing), as well as a tripod and ball head you can bundle together to save even more and provide even more shooting options.

4K action camera (waterproof)

DJI Osmo, from $199 →
The DJI Osmo sits at an accessible price point and offers dual screens, slow motion capabilities, an accompanying app with helpful features, and much more. This model is temperature resistant and allows you to shoot for extended periods of time without worrying about your gear overheating.

GoPro HERO10 + accessories bundle, $549 →
Billed as “the most powerful GoPro ever,” the HERO10 is cloud-connected, making it super convenient to automatically transfer your content to the cloud while you charge the camera. We recommend checking out the sweet accessories bundle to really take this gift to the next level!


DJI Mini 2, from $449 →
Weighing in at less than 249g, this light and airy miniature drone has a half-hour flight time and is wind resistant. It’s easy to use and a great choice for beginners.

DJI Mavic Air 2, from $779 →
If you’re looking for a slightly longer flight time (34 minutes vs. 31 minutes for the mini) or more creative flexibility, the Mavic Air 2 is a strong option. This model has built-in technology to avoid flight obstacles, increasing safety for everyone.

Cool lighting setup

Lumecube Edge Light, $119.99 →
Make sure people look their best on Zoom calls with this portable, handy desk light. The Edge Light provides comfortable, flattering light at all times and users can play around with the different color temperatures to see what brightens their mood.

Intellytech LiteCloth LED Mat Kit, $749 →
The Lumecube option is portable, but the Intellytech mat kit takes it a step further with a foldable mat light design that people can truly throw in their bags and take anywhere. The LiteCloth is equivalent to a 1,200 Watt soft light and has a variety of programmable effects.

Mini projector

CiBest Mini Projector, $89.99 →
A mini projector is a super fun gift — just think of the outdoor movie nights that can happen in the future! This pick is under $100, highly ranked, and connects to multiple devices to make it easy for anyone to use.

Open Broadcast Software

Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini HDMI Live Stream Switcher, $295 →
This mini switcher can be used for multi-camera live streaming and boasts four HDMI inputs. The possibilities are endless with features like the audio mixer and upstream/downstream keyers!

Stream deck

Elgato Stream Deck XL, $249.99 →
Elevate live streaming events with the Stream Deck XL, which offers you all the basic functionality you would expect as well as fun add-ons, like the ability to add GIFs and soundbites to a presentation.


Oculus Quest 2, from $299 →
While not quite a video tool, who wouldn’t love a new VR headset to try out at home? The Quest 2 gives users the ability to immerse themselves in a variety of games, travel to faraway lands, or even use VR for work collaboration purposes.

At-home video producer

Do you know folks who have recently moved to a remote or hybrid work model? While the perks often far outweigh the potential cons of being remote-friendly, a distributed workforce can present some unique challenges for video producers.

Creating video content from home can be a challenge, but with the right setup you can easily spin up engaging and impactful videos. Set the ones you love up for success with these essential home office staples!


Logitech Brio 4K Webcam, $149 →
The Brio has four times better resolution than a standard HD webcam, which will ensure users always look camera-ready. This model also has a built-in privacy shade and noise-canceling technology — always handy when someone’s got a full house of activity going on during a meeting.

Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Pro Webcam, $199 →
This is a solid choice for an everyday webcam people can use to attend virtual meetings, host online events, and join Google Hangouts with favorite family and friends. The resolution goes up to 4K Ultra HD, and the image quality is crisp and superior.


Elgato Wave:3 Premium USB Condenser Microphone and Digital Mixer, $119.99 →
The Wave:3 is a microphone and digital mixer, all in one. Its sleek, elegant design will be right at home with any current setup, and it’s engineered to capture clear-as-a-bell audio.

Desk lighting

Elgato Master Mount, starts at $49.99 →
Many people would prefer a space-saving solution when it comes to organizing their tech equipment. Enter: Elgato’s Master Mount, which attaches right to a desk and (literally) raises your gear game!

Ledgo Bi-Color LED Large Pad Light Kit with Eggcrate Grid and Bag, $148 →
Super thin with a variety of adjustments, this light kit allows you to infuse super-accurate color variation into your videos. The light is also dimmable, and the accompanying eggcrate grid and bag provide extra control and protection.


Bose QuietComfort 45, $279 →
Widely known for their noise-canceling headphones, Bose’s QuietComfort model is wireless comfortable to wear. They’re perfect for the traveler in your life or the professional who needs silence in order to concentrate during the day.

Phone stand/holder

MeFOTO SideKick360, price varies →
A simple, no-frills phone stand that allows the user to stabilize a Smartphone in either portrait or landscape mode. This one comes in a variety of colors and would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

Pro tip: Video production at home can feel like a challenge. Our series, (Out of) Office Hours with Chris Lavigne, is proof you can still create amazing content at home.

Avid learner

For the perpetual student of life, we’ve got a variety of suggestions that will introduce them to new concepts and experiences. Check out some of our favorite books, online classes, and conferences to gift the people in your life who love learning new things.


No matter how advanced technology gets, there’s something about holding a book in your hands and turning the pages that never gets old.

Here are some of our team’s top book recommendations:

Online video courses

One of the cool things about the shift toward virtual-centric, well, everything is that you can find classes online on almost any subject you’re interested in. One site we love is the infamous MasterClass, featuring courses taught by well-known names in their respective fields. Check out this class on documentary filmmaking taught by Ken Burns himself!

SkillShare is another great resource with a wide range of classes on anything from self improvement to creativity, and beyond. Here’s a helpful class on creating impactful videos on a budget — a topic we’ve been known to talk about ourselves a time or two!

And check out Udemy for a more tech-focused array of classes. If you know someone who’s been wanting to learn how to code, use Excel, or master beginning data science concepts, Udemy’s got your back. Here’s a video production masterclass that teaches tips for any budget!

Direct the eternal students in your circle to Show Business! They’ll learn how to build brand affinity and create compelling content that keeps viewers coming back for more.

Conference tickets

Sometimes nothing beats giving the gift of an experience, and conferences give folks the chance to not only learn but also build community around things they’re interested in. We especially love Adobe MAX for inspiring talks that spur us to think outside the box, SXSW to discover amazing new and established artists, and NAB to learn from exhibits and industry peers.

Everyone’s a beginner at some point. For those totally new to video, start with the basics and head over to Wistia’s The Beginner’s Guide to Video Production.

Any gifts you’d like to see on the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

Chris Lavigne


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