The *Only* Cartoon for B2B Marketers: Gear Squad vs Dr. Boring

October 26, 2021

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Dan Mills


Chris Lavigne


It’s true what they say: Creativity is born out of constraints. So, in the spring of 2020 when our in-person video plans for the year came to a screeching halt, it was time for us to get creative. And what came from that? A brand new cartoon! Made for everyone! But, especially for marketers who believe in the power of using creativity to defeat their boring. In Gear Squad vs Dr. Boring, a sentient (and scrappy) group of video gear springs to life to save marketing from the evil … Dr. Boring and his super-boring accomplices.

From raining on their drip campaign to turning a live stream into a “dead stream,” the goons over at Dull Corp. will stop at nothing to make marketing boring. Can the Gear Squad save their campaigns? Guess you’ll just have to watch to find out.

Action Item

Just like the Gear Squad, all of us at Wistia want to help you defeat your own boring. So, we’ve created some helpful resources for you to do just that. From social media tips to video templates and more, we created (and curated) everything you need to make your videos — and your brand — brand more human.

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Check out our Guide to Social Media Video

Consider this your one-stop shop for making social media less boring. Get essential tips for using video from Wistia’s very own Social Media Manager, Frank Emanuele.

Webinar: Get creative video ideas for any business

Want to get your own creative juices flowing? Watch our on-demand webinar hosted by our Lead Video Producer, Chris Lavigne.

Download assets to make your videos more human

Creating videos is hard! We made these royalty-free assets you can download to make your videos more human — without adding more work to your plate. Get music, webinar templates, and more! Did we mention they’re free?

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Whether it’s branding your video player — or getting the tips you need to make better content — we’ve got your back. Sign up for free and see how Wistia is the video platform with the resources you need to make business less boring.

We hope you take advantage of all of this cool free stuff. And if you’re feeling inspired to share what creative ideas you’ve been working on, head over to Twitter and use the hashtag #DefeatYourBoring. We want to hear more about how you and your teams are embracing constraints to find creative solutions.

Dan Mills


Chris Lavigne


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