A/B Testing

Put your videos to the test

With Wistia’s A/B testing feature, you can take the guesswork out of your video marketing. Simply pick two videos to compare, get insights about their performance, and then select a show-stopping winner to take the page!

Compare more than your thumbnails

Wistia’s A/B testing feature enables you to test any two videos in your Wistia account. You can also test customizations like video thumbnails, Turnstiles, CTAs, Annotation Links, and video length. The possibilities are endless when it comes to seeing which elements of your video drive the most viewer engagement.

Set up your A/B test in a snap

Say “goodbye” to multiple tabs and never-ending spreadsheets! Wistia makes A/B testing easier and more efficient than ever. Simply navigate to the Stats page to create new A/B tests, check on those that are in progress, and even review archived tests.

Once you’ve selected two videos, we’ll generate a fresh embed code to run the test. Simply paste it on your site, sit back, relax, and let Wistia display your videos at a 50/50 split to all of your viewers.

Track viewer engagement

Once you’ve started your test, you’ll see stats like Unique Views, Play Rate, Play Count, Engagement, and Actions appear for each video. These stats are powered by the same analytics you’ve come to know and love in Wistia. Plus, to make it easy to see which video is winning, we visually compare the two videos and use different colors to help highlight areas where one video is outperforming the other.

Select a winner

Once you’ve collected enough data, you can end the A/B test and choose the winner! Then, your winning video will automatically show for all viewers going forward — without having to replace the embed code. Sweet, right? Once your test is over, it’s archived, so you can always go back and review the data later. With Wistia’s A/B testing feature, you can rest easy knowing you’re showing the video that’s proven to perform.


Test the Play Rate of your content to measure how your brand message resonates with your audience.


Generate new leads by experimenting with different CTAs to figure out which videos turn passive viewers into an active audience.


Continue to test! Test different elements of your video, including video length and metadata descriptions, to optimize your video marketing efforts.

Ready to put your videos to the test?