Wistia Introduces 4 AI Tools to Streamline Video Marketing Workflows

The new AI-powered enhancements to Wistia’s website and platform help marketers boost productivity and creativity.

July 19, 2023

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — July 19, 2023 —  Today, Wistia launched its latest innovation, Wistia Fetch. It joins the ranks of Wistia’s new features powered by artificial intelligence (AI): video highlights, auto transcripts and captions, and auto-generated event descriptions. This dynamic quartet solidifies Wistia’s commitment to helping marketers around the world streamline their workflows with its video platform and AI.

“In today’s world, video content is super important for business success, but marketing teams can find it daunting and time-consuming to do well. AI-powered tools have the potential to completely change that,” said Brendan Schwartz, co-founder and CTO at Wistia. “We’re laser-focused on creating features that help solve the existing problems our customers face every day, rather than integrating AI for the sake of doing so. These new features help users find information more quickly and sift through their content more effectively, cutting down on some of the more tedious tasks that may prevent them from pursuing bigger, more creative endeavors. Our team will continue developing similar features by zeroing in on where users feel the most bogged down in the content process so we can empower them to be their most creative selves. This is just the beginning with much more in store for the future.”

Introducing Wistia Fetch

Wistia Fetch is an AI-powered generative search tool for anyone looking to expand their knowledge about video marketing. Drawing from over 15 years of content and expertise, Fetch combs through more than 1,000 pieces of Wistia’s educational blog content to provide the most comprehensive answer to any question about video marketing or production.

When a visitor asks Wistia Fetch a question, they’ll get a response based on information pulled from the Wistia blog. They’ll also get original source links in case they’d like to read more.

Video Highlights

Built into Wistia’s video editor, the AI-powered video highlights feature quickly identifies the most engaging moments from webinars, interviews, and other long-form videos. It analyzes the video’s transcript, generates the most impactful moments, and then drops these clips into the editing timeline, where marketers can refine and share them much faster than before.

Instead of devoting time to rewatching long-form content to find the best moments to repurpose, marketers can now have Wistia do the heavy lifting for them.

Auto Transcripts and Captions

Wistia’s new automated transcription feature uses AI to transcribe all the videos uploaded to the platform — and to ensure that the transcribed text is recognized by search engines. This improves search engine optimization (SEO) for all Wistia-hosted videos. Time-coded transcripts were also introduced to help users quickly find specific moments in their videos and make corresponding text edits if needed.

Wistia also uses AI to automatically add captions to every video. This helps users meet accessibility standards and create content that caters to all audiences. Users can edit captions to ensure that their brand voice is consistent and include any additional language to make their content as impactful as possible.

Auto-Generated Event Descriptions

Wistia updated its webinar feature, Wistia Live, with auto-generated event descriptions. It allows users to create event descriptions in seconds. All they need to do is enter the event topic and their company’s brand tone, and they’ll get a ready-to-publish description for their event registration page. What’s more, they can edit the description before it goes live. This feature serves as a collaboration partner that can help marketers kick-start their creative process or see their content from a fresh angle.

“At Wistia, we believe in the use of AI-powered tools as a collaboration method,” said Chris Savage, co-founder and CEO of Wistia. “There are some things generative AI won’t be able to do as well as humans — and the humanity aspect of creativity and content development is what makes for exceptional work. Marketers and creators should embrace AI as a colleague and use it to help generate new ideas or take the first step of a daunting project. As these tools increase in adoption and use, we’re likely to see more ‘average’ content made by people who rely too heavily on AI to do the majority of the work. Creators who use these tools to their advantage while maintaining a human touch to their content will see the best outcomes.”

Pricing and Availability

Wistia Fetch is a free tool on wistia.com that’s available to anyone.

The video highlights feature and the auto transcripts and captions are available on all Wistia plans. The auto-generated event description feature comes with Wistia’s webinar feature, which is available on the Advanced and Premium Plans.

Visit wistia.com/pricing to learn more about the features each Wistia plan has to offer.

About Wistia

Wistia is a complete video marketing platform that helps teams create, host, and analyze the impact of their videos — all in one place. Wistia’s mission is to help every business thrive with video, so the platform is packed with features like video player customization, built-in accessibility options, seamless integrations, industry-leading analytics, lead generation tools, and more. With educational resources and world-class support, Wistia has your back as you level up your video marketing strategy. Today, over 425,000 marketers around the world rely on Wistia to drive business growth with video. To learn more, visit wistia.com and follow @wistia across all social channels.

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July 19, 2023

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