How to Record Your iPhone Screen

Chris Lavigne


You can record your iPhone screen with nothing more than an iPhone cable and a Mac. It’s a little known feature that Apple tucked away into Quicktime Player for MacOS. Here’s how to do it!

  1. Plug your iPhone into your Mac.
  2. On your Mac, launch Quicktime Player.
  3. Hit File > New Movie Recording.
  4. Click the little arrow next to the record button and change the video source to the name of your iPhone.
  5. Click record, and it will record your iPhone screen! No additional software or tools needed.

Once you have your iPhone screencast, you can pull the clip into Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, or whatever video editor you like to use. From there, you can start editing your footage.

Keep it consistent

When you set out to record your iPhone screen, make sure to choose an orientation and stick to it. This recording method will not allow for you to switch from portrait to landscape orientation and continue recording. You’ll need to capture additional clips if you want to record your iPhone screen in portrait and landscape.

Replace those black bars

If you’re using portrait iPhone footage in a normal 16x9 widescreen video, try to be mindful of those unsightly black bars. In your video editor, you can clean things up by placing a solid color background behind your footage.

Get that glossy look

For an even more polished and stylized look, follow these quick steps:

  1. Duplicate your portrait iPhone footage.
  2. On the base layer, scale up the footage so that the video occupies the entire 16x9 frame of your video.
  3. Apply a gaussian blur and change the intensity.

We’ve gotta hand it to you, Apple. You really won our hearts with this tiny little feature. I had heard about being able to do this with the iPhone SDK, but being able to do this right in QuickTime streamlines the process so much. It’s got me wondering …  what other tricks does MacOS have up its sleeve?!

Have other people done this before? How does this work on Android? What if you only have a PC? If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments!

Chris Lavigne


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