How Video Can Help Combat Sales Stereotypes

We’re flipping the script on common sales misconceptions with the help of video.

December 18, 2018

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Jenny Coppola


Sales is all around us. Everyone has sold something at one point or another throughout their lives. Remember that time you once peddled Girl Scout cookies as a kid? That’s right — sales. You may have even been told to really “sell yourself” at an important job interview. Yet, despite the ubiquity of sales, unfortunate sales stereotypes still persist.

We’re saying goodbye to Soapbox on 9/1, but you can still [record video] ( with Wistia.

That’s why we think it’s time to flip the script! People who work in sales possess a broad range of skills, from being expert relationship builders, to stellar problem solvers and goal achievers. Good salespeople care deeply about customers' wants and needs, and strive to offer them great products that will help them succeed.

Luckily, we can start chipping away at these pesky stereotypes with the help of video! But, before we dive in, let’s take a look at the state of sales teams today.

What modern sales teams really look like

According to 2017 data, over 4% of U.S. workers are in sales. That includes everyone from store clerks and real estate brokers, to corporate sellers. But unlike small-town shop owners, inside sales teams often don’t have the benefit of personally knowing everyone who comes through their doors. They also don’t have tons of time to win them over before they leave!

Salesforce reports that 92% of sales interactions happen over the phone, but a surprising 85% of customers are unhappy with those phone calls. And according to TOPO, a sales and marketing research firm, only 24% of sales emails are even opened. That’s why we’re so excited about using video for sales — you can start bridging the gap between in-person sales, and deals that are closed from miles and miles away. With video, you can build familiarity and trust between remote salespeople and customers quickly, while also making people more excited to work with you.

These are some of the friendly folks that make up our sales team here at Wistia!

Sounds pretty sweet, right? Here’s how you can start using video to make your salespeople shine!

Use video to showcase your diverse team

Sales teams are all made up of living, breathing individuals. Seriously, sometimes it feels like people forget that. Most teams are made up of dynamic individuals with unique backgrounds and stories to tell. That’s why it’s so important for your customers to start getting to know your sales team members on an individual level right from the start!

When salespeople introduce themselves with video, they have the chance to showcase what makes them different than the average sales stereotype. They can share what they’re passionate about in their own words, all while putting a friendly face to the name. Making your key customer touchpoints more memorable helps creat a lasting first impression, and who doesn’t want that?

In the video recording video above, Katie gets in front of the camera to quickly introduce herself before diving into a walkthrough for the customer by sharing her screen. The personal greeting and thumbnail featuring Katie’s friendly face makes the video that much more enticing to play!

Appearing on camera might be a bit intimidating at first, but it can help accomplish so much for your team. Everyone knows that when it comes to closing deals, building trust and providing value is paramount. And believe it or not, simply showing your face makes your message much more memorable than sending text-heavy emails or documents. Using video to showcase your diverse team is a great way to combat those negative sales stereotypes while also helping drive results.

“Using video to showcase your diverse team is a great way to combat those negative sales stereotypes while also helping drive results.”

Always keep in mind that your team is your biggest asset, so don’t be afraid to put them front and center! Let your customers get to know your reps better, and you’ll differentiate your company from your competition in no time.

Prove your value with a video demo

Speaking of building trust, actually listening to your customers goes a mighty long way when it comes to fostering real relationships. One common misconception about salespeople is that they’ll just simply tell you whatever you want to hear just to close the deal. In reality, the quickest way to a customer’s heart is to actually provide solutions to their current problems — not promise them the Earth and moon.

With a video demonstration, you can pull back the curtain on your business by showing how your product actually works. Plus, with video, you’re given the opportunity to provide personalized advice while also proving your product’s lasting value! In a demo video, salespeople can respond to customer needs directly with a clear plan of action.

In the example above, Faris presents a problem in the first few seconds and then spends the rest of the video explaining how to implement a solution with Wistia.

Both the problem and solution are clear for anyone watching:

  • Customer problem: Homepage video not generating enough leads
  • Wistia solution: Embed lead-capture form in homepage video

Video explainers and demos are helpful for both prospects and existing customers. In the video, Faris notes how Wistia fits in naturally with the customer’s pre-existing tools, like HubSpot, and their overall processes. Faris shows the viewer exactly what they can expect from our Turnstile feature, and shares the tips they need to be successful with the product.

This personalized approach to problem-solving shows your team is dedicated to following through on sales promises — and that you’ll continue to add value over time. No false promises, no tomfoolery.

Save time by making your message shareable

Let’s face it — everyone wishes they had more time in their day to do the things they love. And that includes your busy customers! Instead of sending sales gifts this year, give your clients the gift of time by creating a shareable video that can help get everyone on board quickly. Speed up your process end-to-end by giving your prospects information about what your product does and how it can help them reach their goals. There’s no need to hide what your product can do for your customer, so don’t be afraid to show it off!

A video like the one Fernando made above can set you up for a super speedy sales process. Fernando walks through the customer’s homepage, first complimenting them on what they’ve done right, then going on to explain, point-by-point, why video would make their site better. The video pitch comes in at just under two minutes and helps the customer see the value of Wistia right off the bat.

Save your point of contact time throughout the sales process by creating short videos they can easily pass along to their teammates or key stakeholders. Combat the notion that salespeople exist just to waste your time by providing value in a way that’s both crystal clear and scalable.

“Save your point of contact time throughout the sales process by creating short videos they can easily pass along to their teammates or key stakeholders.”

Bottom line — give more than you get

Sales is all about helping customers succeed (and then getting them to tell their friends all about it!). When you make helpfulness a key part of your sales strategy, you’ll naturally shake off any negative misconceptions people may have. In 2019, we think we’ll really start to see more relationship-driven sales processes develop, which means salespeople will start spending more time figuring out what value they can provide their customers and prospects.

So, if you’re looking to breathe new life into your traditional sales process, try incorporating video into your outreach efforts. Start connecting with people in a manner actually feels good (for both the salesperson and the contact on the other end of the line) with the help of video. Your entire sales team can start creating simple, easy-to-measure videos with a tool like Soapbox, our free webcam and screen-recording tool, so put an end to those negative sales vibes and start enabling your team to build better relationships!

Jenny Coppola


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