May 29, 2012

Wistia’s New Team Page

Joe Ringenberg


Check out our new Team Page! We had a lot of fun making it (see: the video), but we also needed it meet some specific requirements. Here’s a few things we had in mind as we worked on the redesign:

1. Easy to update! As new people join Wistia, we want to welcome them as quickly and warmly as possible, which includes getting them on the Team Page without a lot of sweat or delay.

2. Needs to be fun. Our team is a real barrel of monkeys, and we wanted to show them off. That’s why, [EASTER EGG #1] when you type they word "dance" while on our team page, you can see all our best moves! (tip: turn up your volume!)

3. No bios.We’d rather you got to know us by following us on Twitter than by reading a bio, so we limited the personal information to our names and (when you hover) links to our tweets.

4. Job Titles. Also, we listed our job titles. We rarely (read: never) use these titles internally, since our responsibilities and projects are always changing, but we thought that indicating general areas of expertise would be useful for people who want to get in touch but aren’t sure whom they should talk to.

5. Portraits are useful.We want to help everyone at Wistia look their best, so we decided to take portraits that could also be used as profile pictures on social media and networking sites. This got us thinking about the good old days of school photos, which sent us digging around for old pictures which you can see [EASTER EGG #2] if you click the time-machine tab on the bottom right of the page.

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