Four Types of Videos to Liven up Your Blog

Meryl Ayres

Meryl Ayres


Adding videos to your blog posts will not only help with SEO, it’ll break up the text and add life to your content. In a crowded, often static blogosphere, you have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd while building emotional connections with your audience. Cue the movement, the color, the humans, the office dogs!

If you’re new to implementing video on your blog, or just searching for inspiration, these four types of videos might spark an idea.

B-roll montage video

Back in the day (in 2011), our video producer, Chris Lavigne, shot our first video for the blog. In a nutshell, it introduced our small team and our office space. The video is made up of creative b-roll shots, some dynamic overlaid text, and a zippy background track. No lines. No acting.

If you’re just starting to experiment with video on your blog, a short, visually-driven piece might be a good way to begin. Introduce new team members or your office space in a post about your culture, show a process in action in a more technical post, or simply demonstrate or reinforce an important point.

We didn’t know it at the time, but this first video laid the foundation for many blog videos to come. After receiving a lot of positive qualitative feedback on social and an uptick in signups, we knew we were onto something.

Enthusiastic announcement videos

Every time we get ready to launch something new, our video team starts brainstorming. Take, for example, the following video, which is featured at the top of our post about our new Agency Partner Program.

Not only does this video feature Dee Dee, the leader of our new agency program, it also conveys how excited we all are about this launch. By sharing videos like this at the top of our posts, we increase time on page and introduce our audience to our new features with memorable enthusiasm.

Looping autoplaying video

It’s real easy to go overboard on these puppies because they are fairly easy to make and a lot of fun to use. On our blog, we use them to illustrate technical concepts or add a touch of entertainment to otherwise dense posts.

Compared to their friendly cousins, GIFs, these autoplaying videos have higher resolution, and they’re faster to load, making them a preferable type of media for a blog post. If you’re interested in GIFs, our social media manager, Jenny, wrote all about how to turn videos into custom GIFs to boost engagement on social.

Whether it’s the founders of your company looking despondent about a failed side project (see below) or a teammate getting extra excited about trimming her first video clips in Adobe Premiere, these looping videos can reinforce a point, add clarity to a visual subject, or simply delight readers.

Before you take off at a sprint, you should keep a couple of rules of thumb in mind.

1. Silence is golden.

I can’t think of one instance when you’d want to assault your readers with a loud autoplaying video in a company blog post. Especially if it’s looping. It may seem obvious, but it’s worth stating: make sure to produce a silent video if you’re going to autoplay it on your blog.

2. Keep it short and sweet.

If your video is looping, make sure it’s short enough that your viewers can take it all in without getting impatient. Since it’s silent, it can be disorienting when the video drags on for too long.

Pro tip: If you’re using Wistia, you can make autoplaying, looping videos by selecting those options in the dropdowns for “Start” and “End” under Timeline Actions.

“Pull quote” video

Pull quote videos are a great way to emphasize a main point and cater to skimmers. But what if you could offer those skimmers an attractive video thumbnail to engage with? They might just stick around for a while longer.

With pull quote videos, readers can become more familiar with the author or the interviewee featured in the post. For the rest of the article, your audience can imagine what it might be like to hear from that person in real life.

For our interview with web psychologist Nathalie Nahai, we asked her to shoot some video of herself talking about video (meta) and share it with us. We pulled our favorite sentence from her video, emphasized it in the article with some large, colored text, and included the thumbnail of the whole (20-second) video right beside it.

In terms of formatting, Wistia’s popover embeds come in handy for these digestible videos. Check out our interview with Swami Kumaresan, CEO and one-person video team for Databox, if you’d like to see an example of an article with multiple pull quote videos.

We’re still just beginning to experiment with this concept, so stay tuned for some reporting on its overall performance.

Meryl Ayres

Meryl Ayres


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