Wistia's Guide to Video Marketing Automation in Pardot

Learn how to capture, score, segment, and assign leads in Pardot with your Wistia videos.

Lisa Marinelli


Are you using Pardot to automate and streamline your marketing tasks? If so, good news: You can integrate Pardot with Wistia! It’s a great way to use the power of video to attract quality leads, nurture existing leads, and increase conversions — without doing any of the heavy lifting.

With the Wistia + Pardot integration, you can capture leads right from your videos and then automatically pass their video viewing data into Pardot to score, segment, and assign them. Plus, you can create workflows to make sure your leads get the most timely and relevant messages from your business exactly when they’re most engaged.

Keep reading to discover how this integration can help you land more customers and get more bang for your buck from your video content.

Need step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Pardot integration? Head on over to our support page!

Collect leads from your videos and send their contact info to Pardot

Whatever your marketing goals may be, videos can be fantastic for engaging your audience and collecting leads. In fact, people spend 1.4x more time on pages with video than those without!

The Wistia + Pardot integration helps you turn your videos into lead-generating machines. Just add Pardot forms or Wistia Turnstile email collectors to your videos, and boom. You’re ready to collect your viewers’ information like a pro.

Pardot forms

If you’ve created any forms in your Pardot account, you may be glad to hear that this integration makes it super easy to add those forms to your Wistia videos. They’ll look the same, collect the same information, and work the same as if they were embedded anywhere else!

You’ve got the freedom to place your Pardot forms anywhere in your video. Try putting them at the start, in the middle, or at the end to see which spot works best for maximizing lead generation.

Once you enable the integration, a Pardot Forms section will appear in the Customize panel. This is where you can pick which form to display in your video, decide when to display it, and add some prompt text to encourage viewers to fill it out.


With a Turnstile, you can ask viewers to enter their names and email addresses at any point in your video. Once you’ve got Wistia linked up with Pardot, that info will automatically create a new prospect record in your Pardot account.

“Hold on, Wistia. What if the person is already an existing visitor in Pardot?” you ask. Good question! In that case, we’ll convert the existing record in Pardot from an anonymous visitor to a known prospect.

To get started, all you have to do is embed your video anywhere you’d like on your website and then find Turnstile in the Customize panel in Wistia.

Remember to choose a list for your Turnstile submissions. If you skip this step, new prospects will only appear with their email in Pardot’s Video report. Choosing a list means that prospects will be recognized by their name in your Video report and in the list you’ve selected.

Seamlessly send webinar registrations to Pardot

If you’re using Wistia Live for your live events and webinars, the integration lets you sync registration data to the Pardot list of your choice. This way, you can capture leads and create follow-up emails based on who registered, attended, or did not attend your events.

To set this up, head on over to your live event’s registration page. Next, open Sync Registrations and choose a Pardot list.

Want to switch to another list? Just hit Update Registration and pick a new list.

Track how prospects watch and listen to content on your website

Linking Wistia to Pardot means every video view on your site gets tracked and shown in Pardot. So you can see exactly how prospects interact with your videos right in their activity record, from which videos they’ve watched to how long they watched each one — down to the second.

Plus, when a new prospect becomes a customer, you can see every video they watched before deciding to sign up.

From the Video report in Pardot, you can add all the prospects who engaged with a certain video or podcast episode to a list in your Pardot account. You can give them all tags if you’d like. Or, heck, do both!

Use video viewing data to score leads

Adding video to your marketing automation gets even better with the Wistia + Pardot integration. It helps you qualify your leads effectively and figure out how to reach out to them in a more personalized, timely manner.

Imagine this: In Pardot, you notice that one of your prospects watched all of your product videos and recently watched a demo. This would be a great time to notify your sales team to give this prospect some personalized attention.

With lead scoring in Pardot, you can take all of the data Wistia provides and then use it to segment and structure your marketing automation. For example, you can use the retention rate and watch time data from Wistia to score your prospects and provide more qualified leads to your sales team.

Want to adjust prospect scores based on media data? No problem. Start by checking out Pardot’s general guide on setting up Custom Scoring. Then with the integration set up, you can use three specific media-related events to adjust a prospect’s score:

  1. Video Play: Simply, they began playing a video or audio.
  2. Video Watched 75%+: They watched or listened to at least 75% of the content.
  3. Video Conversion: They entered their contact information into a Pardot form or Turnstile in the video.

Add video to your email campaigns

Email is a great way to nurture leads and stay engaged with your growing audience. And when you add a little video to the mix, your emails can become even more click-worthy.

Integrating Wistia with Pardot makes it a breeze to add Wistia video thumbnails to your email campaigns. Enticing thumbnails can help increase your video play rate, and Wistia helps make it easy with customizable thumbnail options.

When people get your email and click through to watch the video, they’ll be taken to the page with the embedded media. Wistia will then capture the user’s email address and associate it with that individual’s viewing session on the website.

Wistia will store the stat on the Audience page under the analytics for each viewer who clicked through from the email campaign. The data is also passed through to Pardot. Pretty neat, huh?

Make your investment in video go further

Now that you know what you can do with the Wistia + Pardot integration, are you ready to power up your video marketing? If you’re already on the Wistia Advanced Plan, head on over to our support page for help with getting set up. Interested in the Advanced Plan? Check out our pricing page for more information or get in touch with our sales team!

Lisa Marinelli


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