April Product Update: Right-Click Magic, Custom Forms, and iOS App Updates

April 11, 2017

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Naike Romain


Spring has sprung at Wistia! The plants are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the product team has been busy with a whole bouquet of product improvements for you.

Custom forms for Marketo and HubSpot

Video can be a great channel for generating leads. When paired with your marketing automation platform, your videos can help you collect more valuable information about your prospects.

Turnstile is a valuable feature on its own, but for those that need a little extra flexibility, we’ve added support for your HubSpot or Marketo forms in your Wistia videos!

You heard it right: Any custom form fields that you use in your marketing automation tools can now be used in your videos — whether you’re looking to find out more about your leads or survey your audience. To try out this private beta feature, reach out to our sales team.

“Any custom form fields that you use in your marketing automation tools can now be used in your videos.”

Email merge tag support for Act-On and Drip

We know that using a video thumbnail in your emails can increase click-through rates. To help more people use video in email, we’ve added email merge tag support for Drip and Act-On. Now you can embed your Wistia video thumbnails in those platforms with our merge tag code that automatically captures which of your contacts play the video.

Those contacts will be synced with their Wistia stats, giving you more intel on who is engaged with your videos. If you’re using Drip, Act-On, or any of these email platforms, start adding video thumbnails today!

Search includes video description text

It’s easy to keep your videos organized with projects and sections, but if you’ve ever lost a video in your account, you’re not alone. Our search has been updated to include the text in your video descriptions, so you can find your videos faster.

iOS app updates

We released our iOS app last month, and it keeps getting better. We’ve added “Now Playing” support, so you can hear your videos while your phone is locked and manage playback from the Control Center.

If you’re using our mobile app, we want to hear from you. Send any feedback or feature requests to support@wistia.com.

Autoplay adjustment

When used well, autoplaying videos are effective attention grabbers. Recently, we noticed that even if autoplay was enabled, the video’s thumbnail would appear for a moment before the video began to play. That was subpar, so we updated the logic to remove the jerky thumbnail and smoothly loop your video.

That’s all for now! We’ll be back next month to highlight the latest feature improvements and product changes!

Naike Romain


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