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Wistia optimizes your videos for search engines — automatically.

Benefit from video SEO without the setup

We make optimizing your videos for search super simple. When you embed a video using Wistia, we automatically inject video metadata into your site’s header via JSON-LD. There’s no extra work after you embed your video. Simply sit back and relax. We’ll handle all the technical aspects for you.

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Dig into the technical aspects

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Wistia’s standard video embed is entirely asynchronous JavaScript optimized for speed, ensuring your videos load quickly, and faster page speeds mean better ranking.
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The video metadata automatically added to your page includes your video’s name, description, transcripts, thumbnail URL, embed URL, duration, and the upload date.
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Our JSON-LD snippet doesn’t interfere with other SEO metadata on your site and is injected every time.
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Add transcripts to your page, automatically

When you embed a Wistia video with captions onto your page, we automatically inject the transcript into your page’s header as metadata via JSON-LD. Transcripts make it easier for your customers to find you — especially when you include keywords in the script.
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Ensure your video pages can be crawled

Nothing’s truly guaranteed in the world of SEO. But, we can guarantee that search engines will be able to crawl your embedded Wistia videos. The title, description, and thumbnail that you choose will be included in your page’s metadata, which helps determine how your page ranks.

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Make your videos stand out from the crowd

Our Thumbnail Editor makes it easy to spruce up your thumbnails to make them more eye-catching. Simply select a static image, add a text overlay, or even feature a looping video to make your videos stand out in a search. When your thumbnails are more engaging, they’re more likely to be clicked.

See it in action

Check out this example of a Wistia blog video indexed with a thumbnail.  You can even run that video’s page through Google’s Structured Data Tool, and you’ll find the video object and its metadata as indexed by Google.

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