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How to Boost Your Engagement with Custom GIFs

Strategy - March 24, 2016 - - Jenny Mudarri
Featured : Company News

Growing from Within the Company: 5 Lessons We've Learned

In a rapidly growing company, sound leadership and structure are vital, but equating the traditional management trajectory with success can be crippling. Many...
by Chris Savage - March 23, 2016 -
Featured : Strategy

Beyond View Count: How the Wistia Team Uses Video Analytics

With Wistia's analytics tools, you can use more than just the view count to gauge how well your video is performing and glean some useful insight. To provide some...
by Naike Romain - March 17, 2016 -
Featured : Strategy

How to Execute an Internal Product Update Series (and Why It's so Fun)

It was a communication challenge that we had been facing for quite some time, and as the company grew, it became clear that a consistent product update would be...
by Meryl Ayres - March 15, 2016 -

6 Ways to Promote Your Videos on a Budget

Strategy - March 11, 2016 - - Margot da Cunha
Featured : Production

This Startup CEO is a One-Person Video Team

Six months ago, Swami had no experience creating video without the help of an agency. It took him less than two weeks to go from nothing to a completed first...
by Meryl Ayres - March 9, 2016 -

Video for Lead Generation: Webinar Follow Up

Strategy - March 4, 2016 - - Kristen Craft
Featured : Production

The Story Behind Slack's Interface-Focused Walkthrough Video

"Our goal was to explain what Slack is, and how to use it with your team to get things done, together," explained Mari. "Creating a video allowed us to show what...
by Meryl Ayres - March 3, 2016 -

How Niche Modern's Videos Communicate Authenticity

Strategy - March 1, 2016 - - Karla Franco

4 Lessons from Experimenting with a Canon 800mm Super Telephoto Lens

Production - February 25, 2016 - - Chris Lavigne
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