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  1. Branch Deployments at Wistia

    At Wistia, multiple teams need access to staging at the same time, sometimes for extended periods to gather stakeholder input. This creates contention for the staging environment across the organization. Branch deployments solve this contention.

  2. How to use tmux for extra help when connecting to a server

    So your development environment is all fine and dandy but every time you SSH into a machine you feel like your workflow is crippled and you’re trying to fight off a pit of tigers (read: production issues)? Well you should try out tmux.

  3. How we use GitHub Pages as a backend without a CNAME

    We built this blog on GitHub pages, but wanted it to live on This is how we made it work.

  4. Interview with Max at

    Interview with Christophe Limpalair

  5. Storing Reliable, Easy-to-Use Archives in Amazon S3

    So if we screw up our data processing, we can just process it again.

  6. Extracting Thumbnails Faster with FFmpeg

    When you’re setting the video thumbnail by clicking ’Use Current Frame', there’s a lot going on in the background. Here’s how we make it fast.

  7. iFrames and Preloading, Oh My!

    Only a few media streams can play at the same time. If we have 10 iframe videos on a page, how can we prevent deadlocks from preloading?

  8. The Code Behind Our New Video Homepage

    A background video with a fullscreen overlay on play. Cool, huh?

  9. Optimizing Performance with ActsAsList

    When your lists have millions of entries and you want to insert more, life starts to get tough. This is how we deal with inserting videos into huge projects.

  10. Building Romulus

    ’Romulus' is the first fully branded, fully featured HTML5 video player we built. Read about the improvements, the challenges, and the future of HTML5 video.

  11. Building the Wistia Labs Framework

    When we first rolled out Wistia Labs, the whole company spent 2 days of rapid development to make it happen. But weeks before and after were spent making the framework that allowed it to happen.